We were really lazy, couch potatoes today.
I think if we didn’t really need coffee we would have stayed in until after lunch but coffee called so we went for a nice walk into Cannaregio. We found ourselves at the Campo dell’Abbazia–very pretty:
I chose this shot because Ken and I had just been talking about how we are seeing so many young families, with little kids and strollers, on this trip. Maybe it’s because of our location or maybe the population of Venice is changing, or both.
Came home and had salad and melon and prosciutto for lunch. Did some extended reading and resting and went out agian. This time we headed into Castello and we found this “leaning tower of Venice.”
I have no idea what it is–I’ll have to check the guide books.
We met Nan McElroy for dinner.
She is so engaging, entertaining and devoted to the city. I can’t imagine a better way to meet Venice than hiring Nan for her introduction session.
First we had a glass of wine (delicious Lugana from Friuli) and some chichetti at a new little place near the Santi Apostoli church. Then we went on to Promessi Spossi where she had reserved. She ate a Piemontese beef tartar appetizer and Ken and had the little scallops in the shell–canestrelli. Then we got 2 pastas to share–one was orechietti with lamb sauce which I loved, and the other was homemade black cavatelli with swordfish, tomatoes and capers. I really enjoyed the second one but we all agreed it was a bit salty. We drank a nice Tocai with the meal.
For dolce we shared a chocolate “muffin” which was liquid inside and as good as any molten chocolate cake. Ken ordered a glass of sweet wine and a plate of cookies which were fun to taste. I liked the one with a little cornmeal in it but only remember that they start with a “z”. Nice to find a serious, unpretentious, friendly place so near to us. I’m sure we will go back there.


Lazy Day, Italian Style — 2 Comments

  1. Love your photos – sounds like a great day. The leaning tower is San Giorgio dei Greci – Venice’s Greek Orthodox church.
    Thanks for these great updates!

  2. Enjoying our journey so much. Thanks
    a lot. I wish sometimes you would explain
    the dishes and drinks that you only give
    the Italian names to.
    Keep having fun. It sounds like the
    best vacation ever.
    Love, Mother
    PS. Your photography is terrific.