Ken seems to be sleeping really late every morning so we aren’t “up and at ’em” like I would normally be. I think it’s really a good thing because I can wear myself out. This pace we are establishing seems to be working very well.
Yesterday we had in mind to venture out on the vaporetto. We went to the Fondamenta Nove and got on the 52. I know even numbers go clockwise and odd, counterclockwise. We are getting comfortable and confident watching the stops go by until we get to Lido–the stop before the one we wanted, Zattere. Everyone gets off the bus. Well, I’m thinking they’re all going to the beach–they did have baskets, towels, sunhats etc. We take off from Lido and start heading right back where we came from! Somehow the boat has changed to a 51!!! How was I supposed to know?
So we pass our original stop and get off at Madonna Dell’Orto. We haven’t yet been to this quiet neighborhood, just a bit north and west of ours.
We went into the beautiful Gothic church and bought our “chorus passes”–10 churches for 10 euro. There were only about 4 other people in the church with us. I love going into these smaller churches. The spirit of the art and the history is overwhelming in the air. This church has lots of works by Tintoretto and he is actually buried there.
After, we wondered around the neighborhood. I really like this pretty corner:
and facing the other way:
We walked back through the Jewish ghetto and finally stopped at La Cantina on Strada Nova for lunch. It was a little strange in there. We sat down and she brought us water and wine (Vermentino–nice and refreshing) and then a big party of locals came in. The woman behind the glass case (open kitchen??) came out to chat with them and take their order. It took a really long time for the waitress to ever come back. They were really crowded with tables outside but still–Ken was getting a little arrabiatto and I was just confused. I stopped the waitress and finally said we would like something to eat. She said wait. 5 more minutes. Ken is ready to leave but I really want to eat there, from what I’ve read and heard. Finally she comes and I ask for a salad with seafood–cotto (cooked) she asks and I say no crudo (raw) finally she smiles at me and says “meglio” (better). Ken says he just wants a salami sandwich. My plate was gorgeous–I wish I had a photo. There was raw tuna and 2 kinds of shrimp and stripes of raw veggies–carrot, parsley, nice greens, little chunks of roasted zucchini, perfect little tomatoes, fennel and green apples. All dressed, very lightly with oil and balsamic vinegar. YUM! I really loved that lunch.
After lunch we came home to relax. Ken had work to do. I went to Alberto’s office at 6:00 and came back around 7:30. We just threw together some salad and leftovers for dinner and then went for a nice walk. I had to wear my sweater!


Mercolidi — 7 Comments

  1. Jan, love reading about your day. love the photos and the way you write. I feel as I am there just a little fly on the wall. Thank you. Salad sounded wonderful as do your days. I like having the time and freedom to make mistakes like taking 51. It’s the old which way do we go: left or right and no matter what you choose you find something wonderful. Enjoy and thank you.

  2. I too am enjoying the vicarious trip to Venice with you – thanks! If you go to Al Prosecco in campo San Giacomo dall Orio (highly recommend for food, wine, and people watching), please tell Stefano hello from Annie from North Carolina (it was my neighborhood bar a few year ago). Have fun!

  3. Bah – working in Venice. It sounds tragic (says the one who shall have to do some work in Bologna)!

  4. Reading your blog, seeing the photo’s, brings joy to my heart, tears to my eyes and motivation to get back to Italy as fast as we can. Thanks.

  5. I feel like I am there with you–thanks for all of the beautiful pixs! Miss you & we are enjoying your sweet daughter, thanks for leaving her behind! Di