We had a few things we really needed to accomplish today.
First, my Italian cell phone wasn’t working so we found a TIM store and found we had to buy more minutes. Easy. It’s working fine now.
Then we needed to find the COOP grocery store near us. We really didn’t like the Billa. I asked the young woman who made our “caffe doppio” this morning and she said there was a COOP just behind the Santi Apostoli church–Ecco. We found it after thinking the exit was not OK to go into–walked around the block to come back to the uscita/exit and see people going in. We were much happier with this store and it’s nearer.
For lunch we walked over to Fondamenta Nove and ate at a bar there–Ken had a panino and I asked for a salad with ham and cheese. I think they made it for both of us.
It was huge.
We came back home for rest time and I began cooking for dinner. I made Marcella’s onion sauce which was delicious but I’m saving the details.
We had to meet our landlady, Sabrina, at her office at 5:45. Not knowing how long it would take to walk there, we left very early. I thought we would stop in at the Santa Maria dei Miracoli church but it was closing right as we got there. So we walked across the Rialto bridge and sat by the canal for a while and walked on to meet Sabrina–on the bridge in front of the Frari church. She was right on time. We went up to her beautiful, totally modern, sparsely furnished office and gave her the money we owed for the apartment.
Then I met with Alberto. I am working withe him an hour a day speaking Italian and English for our mutual learning. The hour went so fast! Alberto reminds me so much of Brian! He is so sweet and obviously, I am old enough to be his mama.
We walked back home and made the dinner. Drank a nice bottle of Friulian Pinot Blanc and went for a gelato stroll. I got coffee and I forgot how much I love coffee gelato! It was wonderful.
Back home, Ken tried in vain, to find Lost on the internet. Shows (as well as Pandora) are only available within the USA. Who knew?? Amazing when the message comes up–“we think you are in Italy and this is only available in the US.”
Long day–tomorrow we will have to do something “touristy”–We haven’t even been to San Marco yet!


Takin’ Care of Business — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Jan, I’m following you and Palma and loving all the descriptions of your daily lives, your photos and the lovely feel of just being in Italy. Thanks so much. Your english/italian trade-off lessons sounds like fun. What a nice experience to have. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to a daily read of your blog.

  2. Loving reading about your visit, sounds great! While you can’t access US shows on the ABC/CBS/NBC websites from abroad, if you have a US iTunes account, you can buy & download the episode of Lost once it’s available on iTunes. The cost is usually a couple of dollars.

  3. Is the Brian you refer to MY Brian? Looking forward to reading about the onion sauce.

  4. Tell Ken that LOST was AMAZING! LOL
    The salad looks delicious – I’m looking forward to some of those wonderfully crisp salads next week. AHHHHH