Here we are! I cannot say clearly enough how thrilled I am to just be here. I am sitting on our terrace. It’s around 7pm here and a nice cool breeze is kicking up. It’s noisy but I am not bothered by it–I hear lots of Italian voices, dishes clanging in the restaurant right downstairs across the calle, dogs barking and a few birds.
Here are 2 quick snapshots of the view up the street and down the street from the terrace:
Our flight was completely smooth. I love flying “princess” class. Very comfortable. Slept about 4 hours.
As soon as we got out of the airort we took the land bus to Piazzale Roma and waited in a crowded room to get our Carta Venezia. It took about a half hour but we got it and now we can ride the vaporetti for 1 euro. We took our first ride to the Ospedale stop and walked through the hospital, getting a bit lost, until we finally found the Campo SS Giovanni e Paolo and our lovely red house.
The apartment is nothing fancy but it is totally comfortable so far and easy walking distance to everything.
We went for lunch at Osteria D’Alberto. I immediately ordered a glass of prosecco and it hit the spot! We shared a tagliolini with porcini and little shrimp that I enjoyed. We also shared a mixed grilled fish plate that was not so great–kind of dried out, overcooked.
We’ve walked and walked–to the Billa to do a basic shopping and now we’re crashing. I’m going to make it til 8:00 and then sleep.
Venice is so beautiful.


Venice–First Day — 7 Comments

  1. Jan, thank you so much for sharing this bit of heaven with us. Honestly reading it made me so happy for you and happy in my own heart as well. It gives me chills to read your words. Enjoy and savor every minute. I know you will.

  2. This is SO getting me in the mood for vacation….not that I need any pushing in that respect:) I love the area around SS G e P.