We were really tired from all the walking we’d done in Padova so we spent the morning doing laundry and just relaxing. We also did some grocery shopping at the Coop. This was the first time we managed to walk directly there, using the shortest path. Other times we’ve had to wander a bit before we found it.
We had lunch in the apartment.
In the afternoon we walked into San Marco to the famous La Fenice (the Phoenix because it has burned down twice and been totally restored) opera house. You can go inside and, using an audio guide, tour for 7euros. I would describe the interior as amazingly, over the top, beautiful. We were able to sit in the audience seats for a while and even in the royal box. It was great to have the audio guide tell you where to look next. Really, my favorite part was the ballroom. I could just imagine Cinderella waltzing her way through it, glass slippers and all.
We came back home after the tour. Venice/San Marco seemed very crowded. Maybe because it was Sunday or maybe because we are getting deeper into June.
I’m embarrassed to say I had never tried a Spritz before. We see it everywhere here. It generally includes white wine, soda and Aperol, a bitter liquor. So we decided to go to one of the places with seats on the Piazza Giovanni e Paolo and try it.
While the drink didn’t thrill me, I really enjoyed the front row seats for the piazza–it’s more like a public playground. Lots of children are playing while parents watch and tourists pass through with their cameras and maps. Great entertainment!
I took all of these photos while sitting in our orange chairs drinking the spritz which were 4 euros each.
This building is the Scuola San Marco:
Our house viewed from the cafe:
I made us a fritatta and salad for dinner and we called it a day.


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  1. I’m so glad to hear that you can just walk in and take a tour with an audio guide. This is on my “must do” list for sure!