I was so excited about my sister and brother in law’s arrival that I woke up super early. We went downstairs for coffee and it was so good to be back at “our “ bar—the coffee really is great there.
We went to the COOP for some basics, then to the “salami guy” and the bakery. Then we walked, in a little storm I must add, with our umbrellas blowing inside out, to the vaporetto stop. The ticket for the Alilaguna Blu line was 6 euro with our Carta Venezia. We were pretty early for their arrival so we got a coffee and waited. Their flight from Zurich was early but it took a long time for their bags to come through. Like us, they couldn’t believe that customs was almost nonexistent. Using one of the big wheeled carts, we strolled to the water taxi dock and easily found our taxi which I had arranged through our friend Nan. The ride was beautiful but the rain made it a little less glorious. We came into Venice through the lagoon not the Grand Canal but we did ride right by our house so we got to show it to them and to see it from the water.
After hanging around in the hotel for a while they came back to our place for a very informal picnic on the table, lunch. I was so thrilled to have them here! Bob was showing me a new camera he brought for me to try out and Pat was just happy to look out the window and see Venice.
We walked them back to their hotel in the early evening and after a very short walk, we came home.
Ken finished up the lunch stuff for dinner and since I really wanted something hot, I threw together some penne, tomatoes, basil and tuna with olive oil and lemon juice. I loved it.
We watched the calcio (they don’t call it soccer here) on TV and called it a night.


Pat and Bob–Hurray!! — 2 Comments

  1. The Sisters! Really interesting Italian journey. I can taste the salami I’m glad you’re posting this trip and I’m happy Pat and Bob have joined you.

  2. I am so glad they made it… I know you are excited to share ‘your’ Venice.
    Have a spritz on the Grand Canal for me!