We awoke to bright sunny skies so, after breakfast and coffee, we headed for the Rialto market. I wanted to buy some porcini to make for dinner, but they weren’t to be found yet. We did see some in Florence, but I guess, in Venice, being a bit more to the north, the big mushrooms will come later on. I asked one woman and she told me they won’t be here until the end of the month. We enjoyed “sight seeing” in the market. I loved watching this young guy unloading his truck/boat.
There are still some asparagus and artichokes but not as prominently displayed. Tomatoes, in every shape and size, are everywhere. I loved this display of herbs and zucchini blossoms.
We went to Mille Vini to get another bottle of the red wine we had so enjoyed the night before. There was a very well dressed couple in there with two metal suitcases and a big duffel, loading up on wine. I saw them with a Chateau Lafite, wooden wine cases in their suitcases and bubble wrap everywhere. I’m imagining this was a huge sale for the wine shop but Lorenzo still managed to be attentive to us and our one, 8 euro bottle.
We decided to just stop at Palazzo Ruzzini and it was perfect timing. Bob and Pat were just about ready. Using the hotel’s computer (they really need a new keyboard) and printer, I reserved entrance to the Basilica San Marco for the 4 of us. Funny—when Ken and I did the same thing 3 weeks ago, it was free. Now there’s a one euro charge but it’s well worth it to avoid the lines. We went in and right to the Pala d’oro, just like last time. I could tell Pat was really enjoying it, with me. (It’s amazing being here with my sister.) We then sat out in the canvas type chairs for a while looking at the mosaics while the lights were on. They went off as we were sitting there and it was interesting how you saw different things with and without the lights. Pat and I lit candles and we left.
We walked through the Piazza to see the Bridge of Sighs and gaze at the lagoon for a while and headed back into San Marco in search of the Geox store. I had looked on Google maps but it turned out to be not quite right—finally Pat just spotted it as we walked. Turned out there was nothing there she really liked enough to try. Hunger started to play a part in our direction and we came over the little bridge into Canneregio and ate at a little place with about 6 outside tables. I was pleasantly surprised by a wonderful plate of cheeses and various marinated veggies. I really enjoyed it with a glass of Prosecco. Bob and Ken had panini. Being so close to our favorite gelato, we HAD to go. Then we wandered home. Full again.
After a rest time, Ken and I went to the COOP for, probably, our last visit. We noticed just how beautiful the day was–not too hot, not too cool–clear, breezy and bright. I am getting a little sad about leaving Venice but trying to practice what I preach and “be, here, now”. We stopped in for bread and this was the first time I didn’t buy way too much.
Bob and Pat came over and we all ate random stuff. Bob said it was a day with no major annoyances.
Ken and I watched World cup and that was it.


Perfect weather for all of us! — 3 Comments

  1. I am really enjoying your blog and am very glad to hear of the improvement in the weather.
    I will be sad when you leave Venice as well!

  2. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day. Love the colors in your market photos and the food looks so beautiful.

  3. Didn’t realize you would be in Italy for so long. Lucky you! I have been enjoying reading all of you posts. Enjoy the rest of your time in Venice!