Busy busy this morning trying to fit everything back into the suitcase. somehow things have expanded. And I brought way to many things! Those three last minute tops I put into the suitcase were totally unnecessary!
We went downstairs to have our last coffee at Bar Farnese:
and some random shots of the Campo de’ Fiore:
We got a cab in the Campo to the Hertz place on via Sardegna. Their electricity was out so it took a while for them to do all the paper work by hand. We are now the proud renters of a Fiat Punto. Our luggage just fits in the trunk. The car is a compact, for sure.
Of course, we got lost getting out of Rome. Not our finest moment–those one-way streets really didn’t help. but finally we saw the green sign for the autostrada and we were on our way.
We stopped in Orvieto for lunch at La Polomba–the “scene of the crime” where I first fell in love with truffles. We parked behind the duomo and walked into the small piazza. There is an “i” office there so I got a little map and the easy walking directions to the restaurant. So much was familiar to me–it was 8 years ago we were here with Josh and Kate. We were lucky to get a table–many without reservations were turned away after we sat down (about 1:20). Of course, I got the umbrecelli with truffles as did Ken. I also got some delicious chicory. While not quite swoon worthy the real truffle flavor was there and that earthy perfume–yum.
A couple of quick shots of the duomo in the awful mid afternoon sun: a column and the striped marble of the side.
Without getting lost, we got back onto the A1 heading north. Our directions from google helped but there were many turns–getting off at Sinalunga, we made our way through Trequanda and finally arrived in tiny Montisi. Peaceful! You could easily walk from one end of town to the other in 15 minutes. The grounds and the view here at La Grancia are gorgeous! there is a lovely garden in the back with lemon trees loaded with lemons and a cherry tree–yes, we can pick whatever we want.
We got settled in, walked the 3 minutes to the small grocery store and bought some things from the very helpful worker there. We explored around the town some more and came back to relax and appreciate the peace and quiet.
The noisiest thing here is the pigeons!


Arrivederci Roma — 4 Comments

  1. Oh nice transition to the countryside. Your trip is still young, bet you wear those tops yet. Lovely photos.

  2. We ate at La Palomba about 5 years ago and thought about doing the same thing when we leave Rome for Montepulciano. Was parking easy behind the duomo?

  3. Now that I’m home, I am taking the time to read all your posts. You are doing a wonderful job of journaling your trip.
    I was anxious to hear what you thought of Montisi. It does have a small town charm of it’s own.
    On to Venice… have a spritz for me!