This was the only day we had nothing scheduled. We both slept late and it took us a while to get going. We decided to go to Piazza del Popolo. As soon as we got onto Vittorio Emanuelle there was a large protest group walking towards us. We stopped to watch.
The marchers are looking for justice and truth around the disappearance of Emanuella Orlandini. The Vatican police are somehow involved in this and not in a good way.
The walk was pretty straight forward but I could see we would be passing very close to Torce Gelato so we stopped in there. So many flavors! I tasted the ginger sorbet but finally settled on chocolate/raspberry and a mixed nut gelato called “fantasia di Bronte.” Ken had bacio. I thought it was the best gelato I’ve tried! Highly recommended with a nod to Katie Parla’s blog.
Piazza del Popolo is very large with several points of interest. I especially loved the Egyptian obelisk in the center:
We sat on the church steps for a while just watching the show. And it was very entertaining. I talked to a guy sitting beside me, a Finnish ordination student in Rome for semester break. A bride and groom were delivered to the piazza for a photo session in a white jaguar. There was a guy playing violin and lots of “beautiful people” arriving, in taxis, at the restaurant Dal Bolognese.
We walked home doing some window shopping on the way on Via del Corso.
Came home just in time to get 2 porchetta panini from the truck in the Campo.
For dinner I made the fresh tortelloni I bought the day before. The green ones have cheese and arugala and the others are stuffed with artichoke.
We ate them with some sauteed zucchini and olive oil.
We took a walk after dinner to Trastevere and got gelato (yes, again!) but it just didn’t compare.
Came home by way of Piazza Farnese where the were about a hundred motorcycles revving their engines???
And passed this curious church:
We hung out on Campo de fiore for a while, listening to the music before going upstairs.


Sunday in Roma — 2 Comments

  1. That church is Santa Maria dell’Orazione e Morte. I don’t think it’s open that often, but I’d love to get inside and take a peek.