So, after all the time we’ve spent in Venice we had never made it to the Accademia Museum. Our mission today–fix that.
We started with coffee at the Majer bar just one bridge behind us. Nice little view from that bridge which is one of the “Tre Ponti”
And off we went to the Accademia. I was excited to see the paintings of Giorgione, La Tempesta and La Vecchia. Giorgone figures prominently in a pretentious and predictable fiction book I’m reading. Of the 24 rooms at the Academmia, those paintings were in #23 and well worth waiting for–really evocative. Blasphemous in Venice but I am not totally crazy about “old” art; I did enjoy the museum but the audio guide was pretty poor.
We couldn’t resist a nice pause at the top of the Accademia Bridge for the view:
We walked from there to Mille Vini, the wine store and got three bottles of wine with the gentle guidance of the nice guy there. He gave us a little discount for being return customers from 2 years ago.
Then we went to the Rialto Market, got a few things and walked around. Next stop, Aliani where we got some prosciutto and a few other things and finally we stopped in the little bakery at Campo San Toma for some bread and the Burano cookies Ken is addicted to.
Here’s what lunch looked like:
After a nice rest we took another walk. We are in search of a hotel to book for our last night after traveling and before the early airport trip. So we actually looked around Piazzale Roma (not a stroll I would normally suggest but…) and ended up on the top of the Calatrava Bridge to watch the sunset. The big bright orange ball was not photo friendly but the view back into Venice was:
We came home after a while, drank our local sparkling wine and watched Italy playing soccer on TV. Living the dream.

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