We spent the morning working on the rest of our trip and I think we’ve finally got it set.
We wanted to go to Castello and walk around a bit and also find the building that’s in the painting we bought. We went to catch the vap and there were tons of people there going our way. Everyone’s going to Lido. so we had to wait for a pretty long while to get on and we were crushed on there. We got off at San Zaccaria, near San Marco but we went right while just about everyone else went left. So we turned up a quiet calle and wandered. We stopped in front of the San Zaccaria church to admire the beautiful facade:
Then we wandered some more. I realized we were at Rio Osmarin and so we walked on there and down the fondamenta towards the San Lorenzo church which had been very much under construction on our last trip. It looks much better now:
From there we headed for Calle Laterano to search for the right place but we never did find it for sure. Oh well, it was a great walk. From there we went to Mille Vini and to Rialto for shopping. Saturday: the outdoor fish fry is not to be missed so we got a plate again and ate it in the nice breezy spot we discovered last week. We really like the fizzy chardonnay they sell with the fish!
We walked home by way of Tonolo for a treat. I had a shakerato (iced espresso) and a piece of Sacher torte. Yum!!! And the shakerato really hit the spot.
I began noticed all the beautiful iron work around Venice and of couse, the doors. I could have taken a thousand pictures of doors and windows but here are a few that really caught my eye:
img alt=”DSCF0292knob.jpg” src=”http://keepyourfeetinthestreet.com/images/DSCF0292knob.jpg” width=”240″ height=”320″ />
This is the most important one because it’s “our” house:
We came home to read and nap.
Daniela and her husband Paolo had invited us for dinner and we were very excited about going. We got the train and they picked us up in Mogliano, about a 30 minute ride. Mogliano is a very pretty town. Daniela took us into her school and I took these pictures:
Now that I have gotten to know Daniela I can see how the school really reflects her personality. And “Joyfulit” is the perfect name for it! We then drove to their pretty home of which Paolo is very proud. They made a total Venetian feast for us with really fabulous wines from the Treviso area. It was just an amazing evening! Paolo is an accomplished cook and together they make an unbeatable team in the kitchen. We felt so comfortable with Daniela and Paolo that we stayed much too late. Daniela had to drive us home because there were no more trains. We got home after 12:30. Really late for me! It was extremely difficult to say good bye to them both and I really hope they come to Tallahassee some day so we can reciprocate. I am sure we will be friends for life.


Indimenticabile (Unforgetable) — 4 Comments

  1. How wonderful that you have made such good friends in Daniela and Paolo. Just another reason for you to return to La Serenissima!

  2. I am really enjoying all of your blog posts.
    What a lovely day this was for you, ending with good forever friends.
    I think one of the best things about traveling are the wonderful people you meet.

  3. That is wonderful that you had time to get to know Daniela and Paolo; I’m sure you have made good friends for life. (ST is a good way to meet new people, isn’t it!)