We have both been a little antsy about settling on a hotel for the night we have to return here before our flight out so we spent the morning getting it sorted out. We booked a room at the Olimpia Best Western right near Piazzale Roma; at least it’s better than staying in Mestre and they have A/C and Wi Fi.
Then we walked into Santa Croce to Campo San Giacomo dal Orio, my friend Palma’s favorite campo in Venice. I could easily see why. With all the trees and plants and people hanging out, It’s like a little bit of Italy in the center of Venice.
I liked the little garden space:
We visited the church, too. It is one of the oldest–from the tenth or eleventh century. We read a little about it in a guide book before we went. Apparently St. James made the pilgrimage in Spain on the cammino to Campestelo di Santiago.
The guidebook said to look for fossils in the floor:
Next stop–Rialto market to get a few things. While we were there the people from the Muro restaurant had a stand set up. They were selling a plate of fried seafood, a slice of polenta and a glass of wine for 8 euros.
I had to have it! We ate sitting in a breezy spot with a great view of the Grand canal. It was all so good! Here is what we looked at while we were eating:
I wanted to go to the Coin department store so we wandered around in there for a while. Took this from the top floor looking down:
Walking home we stopped at Vizio Virtu for gelato. I had grapefruit with chocolate chips and Ken had lime/mint and a scoop of dark chocolate. All really good!
After our rest we went to the COOP and later walked over Campo Santa Margherita. On the way home we stopped into a little art gallery where the show was called “Hopper Secondo Rosso” It was original paintings but almost copies of Hopper’s. I enjoyed it but it was a little weird how close they were to the originals.
This is a building we always pass–right down the street:
For dinner I made the asparagus ravioli we’d gotten at Aliani. We ate them with a little simple mushroom sauce and the fresh spinach from Rialto. We drank the whole bottle of the I Frati Lugana–got to get another one.


Just a Normal Day — 6 Comments

  1. Yum to the fritto misto special; we saw it when we were there, but were walking past on our way to I do not remember now, glad you a) had a plate and b)thought it as good as it looked to me in April.
    The Olimpia does look like a good choice for a last night, look forward to your coments later.

  2. Sounds like a great day except the part where you are arranging a hotel for your last night. Ugh.
    I love that campo, pretty shot of the garden. I feel that church is a Venetian version of Santo Stefano in Bologna, except with a ships keel ceiling. Well spotted – the ammonite!

  3. What a lovely day you had. Yes, I could sit in that campo for quite a while! (longer with some lugana!)