We made our own espresso using one of the 3 mocha pots supplied here. Not too bad but I really missed the little macchiato.
The morning’s goal was to get our train tickets to go to Trieste on Monday morning. After checkng it all our on line, I had a pretty good idea of which train we wanted but didn’t (still don’t) know how to book without having a printer. So we strolled around a bit and into the stazione. First window on the right; we got our tickets there las time when we went to Bologna. Wait on the line–about 6 people in front of us. Struggle with the Italian/English thing. We end up paying 106euros for 2 round trip tickets. Iam sure this is too much and I say so to the woman behind the glass. She assures me this is what we need and the right price. I walk away confused and start scrutinizing the paper tickets. There’s no time or date on them and we are both confounded. Looking for someone to ask, Ken finds the “customer service office” for trenitalia. No line. The guy is super nice to us. Explains everything and writes a note to the lady in front. He tells us that that particlar booth is an agency! And they get commision and don’t really know the score! Yikes! So we march back there; this time I notice all the signs, and there are several, saying “main ticket booth” –o well. We wait and ask the agency woman for a refund which we get minus 7 euros commission. We walk into the main lobby of the train station and buy our tickets from the machines for about 30 euros less and we’re all good.
But–a little frazzled. So we do what we love to do–walk–through Canareggio until we find Ken’s favorite salami sandwich at Rizzo. I’m feeling rushed because I know I want a tuna sandwich but there aren’t any and there are people in line behind us. So finally I stupidly as for chicken. I realize it’s like a fake fried chicken patty but we just move on. We find a picnic spot by the canal. I turn around and give my chicken panino to the man begging for “a little money to eat”, he says grazie and I go into the bar right there and get a fabulous tuna and artichoke tremezzino. I’m happy and fortified. This is what I was looking at, over the little canal while we ate:
We continue on to the Ca D’oro gelato shop and it was still my favorite nocciola in Italy. We sat on a dock and ate our ice cream:
From there we walk to San Marco (everything seems very crowded this Saturday) and right into the Correr to see the Gustav Klimpt/Josef Hoffman show. Ken enjoyed it more than I did because he loved all the model buildings of Hoffman’s. The work was beautiful and I thought of Powell when I saw the small jewelry display. From there we walked back over the Accademmia bridge, stopping at the veggie barge at San Barnaba for a melon for tomorrow.
We felt pretty tired. Really needed a good rest and we did.
We made a quick trip to the COOP at Pzle. Roma for supplies. Then came home to get ready for dinner.
Took this shot on the was to dinner and as I looked through the lens I felt like I was channeling Bob, just a little bit:
There’s also this one right near our place; I’m a sucker for the Ventian flag:
La Bitta was Ken’s favorite last trip and it did not disappoint at all. We had a reservation and sat outside in the small garden. We had a wonderful woman server who was strict about my errors in Italian (and I loved that) and advised us very well on ordering. We shared everything: Salad with Burrata, taglioline with zucchini and saffron, and chicken with peppers. No photos this time but I particularly appreciated how they serve a little pile of shaved parmigiano beside the bright yellow and green pasta–so you could sample it without any and add whatever you liked. We loved every mouthful. We drank a fruity, local and delicious red “dalle Crode, Castagnera” with the meal. Yes we drank the whole bottle. and had one Tiramisu. Tab was 63euros.
We both felt great coming out of there. And it wasn’t just the wine.


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  1. I’m reading every one of your entries and enjoying Italy vicariously. I was last in Venice in 1970 and would love to visit again. Will you visit Peggy Guggenheim’s home and museum? It is fantastic.