We seem to be sleeping later and later each day. We ARE on vacation, I guess.
We went to the bar downstairs and had coffee. I just love the women in there! They remind me of “Alice doesn’t live Here Anymore”–happy, chatty waitress style.
Anyway they are so much fun to talk to!
We wanted to check out the restaurant Alla Staffa because it looked, online, like they were closed. So that was our first goal–through San Polo and over the Rialto Bridge. I love to scamper over the bridge but I had to stop for a quick breath and view at the top.
I saw this guy–I think he may be the same painter we saw here.
We walked under the Sottopotego, to Santa Maria Formosa and down the Calle Lunga to find the Alla Staffa and I made a reso for Friday night. They must be very busy because he really hesitated when I asked for Friday but then I said we are just two and he said OK. We forget that in Italy when you reserve it’s usually your table for the night–no body before or after, in general, will eat there.
Back towards Giovanni e Paolo which is covered in scaffolding now, past our “old house” and back to Rialto. We stopped at Mille Vini and went on to the Mercato to get a few things. I saw these tiny artichokes:
Had to get some–crazy price– 6euros for 5 pieces. I cleaned them and we ate them raw for salad at dinner but they were really nothing special.
We came home. The heat is really sapping our energy. We made a simple lunch here including some nice foccacia from the bakery in San Toma.
Next assignment was to do some work on the rest of our trip. Long story short: We changed around some of our plans to go into the mountains next week where it won’t be so hot.
I made us a nice dinner using the ravioli I bought at Casa del Parmigiano. They were stuffed with ortica (nettles) and had a unique, herby, green flavor. And we drank a bottle of Prosecco.
After dinner we walked to the Alaska gelato shop I had read about online. The flavors were good but it wasn’t the creamy consistency I love at other spots. Saw this interesting graffiti on a wall near there:
Came home and watched soccer and that was it.


Low Key Day — 3 Comments

  1. Alla Staffa was one of the best meals I had on the last trip. Clams with ginger, yum. And their house lasagna, yum… I hope it is as good for you 🙂

  2. Exactly, you’re on vacaion! Hope it’s cooler in the mountains.
    In case you did not see my FB reply, David remembers having pesto at Ristorante San Trovaso, not the Taverna, but the one with a garden, it’s not far from the Taverna.