I’m starting to get melancholy about leaving and at the same time excited about or upcoming adventure with Amy and Kev.
Sunday mornings are so quiet around here. I took a bunch of pictures, from our windows with no people at all on the street.
After a while we headed out for a walk. We had told Gail we would check out a hotel for her “Gails Great Escapes” special “Spirit of Italy” trip in September. So we went to Campo San Barnaba and into the hotel which was really nice. We walked to the end of the calle, towards the vap stop and hung our for a while on top of the little wooden bridge to Ca’Rezzonico.
A big group of rowers came by:
Nan told us that all the rowing clubs came out together for a big show of support for the damage from the recent tornado.
We sat on a shady bench in Campo Santa Margherita for a while with the other old folks. It was warm (not too hot) and breezy–nice for sitting.
Walking a bit afterwards, I saw this window full of wine bottles and corks:
And we checked out lots of amazing iron work:
We came home and made a nice salad for lunch, did laundry and relaxed.
We met wonderful Nan for for a glass of wine (which turned into dinner) at Al Timon on Fondamenta degli Ormesini. Funny–we sat at 3 different table during the night.
First we sat right on the canal. Had a bottle of very nice Soave and a platter of various crostini. While we were eating a guitar player and singer (with microphone) set up right beside us–using a boat in the canal for a stage. Too loud, so we moved to another table near by.
Ken and Nan had a major iPhone consult during which I was laughing and taking picutes.
We were still hungry so we moved inside and ordered more food and, of course, more wine. This time it was Diano d’Alba dolcetto. We had to put it into an ice bucket for a few minutes to really enjoy it. The food was great! We shared a bunch of stuff–grilled lamb chops, duck breast with balsamic sauce that I could swear had butter in it but Nan said no. The potatoes were outstanding–real fried “spears” and the vegetable plate was delicious too. Over all it was a wonderful meal and I so enjoyed being with a good friend who is so much like me.
We rushed home from there because the “partita” (soccer match) had already started.
We finished the night watching Italy win on overtime penalty kicks.
Forza Italia!


Sunday Venice — 2 Comments

  1. Another grand day! Apparently what I need is a storefront window for my cork collection. Just found out last night that our godson is planning to propose to his gf in Venice in September, so romantic.