We’re having a heat wave. I read something that said we are getting hot African winds; the temperatures are up–today it was around 30° which is 86°. While it feels hot here because we are walking all over, it’s not humid and muggy like at home.
After a slow start, we went for coffee and an explore in Dorsoduro. Shannon had told us about a bocce place near San Sebastiano and we wanted to find it.
We did but it was all closed up. We saw one court:
And these hydrangeas were right there:
We happened on the church of Raphael the Arcangel and visited there for a while.
We walked over to the Billa on the Zatere because I wanted to buy the small Nesti Dante soaps. They had them AND they were on sale! We walked down the Zattere for a bit, enjoying the breeze off of the water and then turned back into Venice, walking by the squero again.
Somewhere in Dorsoduro:
In the late afternoon we went for another explore–this time we walked to the western part of Cannaregio–over the Guglie Bridge and following the Cannaregio canal out. We found a largely residential neighborhood with colorful if more modern buildings:
We wound in and out of the streets and we kept seeing a woman, on her phone, walking a very cute dog. We both miss our Luigi!
At the end, where the canal meets the lagoon, is a big restoration project–lots of construction, so we didn’t hang out there very long.
I saw so many beautiful flower boxes today–geraniums and petunias are everywhere:
On the way home we saw this sign:
No wonder people are always studying their maps!
We are really enjoying this apartment! Love the people watching out of our living room windows:


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  1. Signs you saw are the ones I prefer! Venice suggests you more than one possibility and, in any case, your choice will be the right one!!
    What a great view from your apartment, you chose it very well. I can’t recognize the church: can you help me?