These photos are not from Venice but the first half of the trip.
We started with a week in Rome and this shot of a lone poppy in the ruins near Portico Ottavia is memorable:
and this one of a photographer set up inside the Pantheon–a place I wish we had gone to more than once.
Our first stop was Montisi in Tuscany where we made a little day trip to Pienza and then to the garden tour at the La Foce estate. The tour guide was straight out of central casting:
Staying at Locanda dalle Valle Nuova near Urbino was a treat. I had “known” Giulia online for years but we had never met. She is so engaging, entertaining and full of life! I will never forget when she interrupted our special dinner with wonderful friends, Palma and Brad to show us the sunset.
The views and the flowers–just so much natural beauty:


One more installment–Rome, Tuscany and Le Marche — 4 Comments

  1. Whoa, that last photo knocked the wind right out of me!! Gorgeous! Bellissimi!!
    and you’re exactly right about the La Foce tour guide…LOL
    thank you again for your brilliant posts and photos. I want to put you in my purse and take you with me to Italy next year so you can blog and post for ME!