Yes, we are already confused about which day it is and it feels great!
We started Monday with coffee and shopping in the St. Ambrogio market, a visit to the bakery and the vino sfuso store where they refill your bottle from a tap; when you bring the bottle back they give you 50 cents back. They have 4 reds on tap and we got the “Extra Montalcino” because that’s what our landlady had left for us and we knew we liked it. The couple that runs the place is older, adorable and friendly.
We had a lunch reso in the Oltrarno so we decided to walk over the Ponte allle Grazie:
and we wandered around mostly window shopping. We went into the Santo Spirito church which is very plain on the outside but full of art on the inside. We lit our first candles of the trip there.
Lunch was really wonderful. Not only the food. Trattoria Casalinga is kind of like New York Deli meets Florentine Trattoria. The service is borderline gruf but still friendly. The wait staff is obviously there long term. The food was really top notch. I had a pasta (ziti) “Ortolana” with vegetables–peas, zucchini, green beans mostly, in a nice simple olive oil based sauce. Right up my alley. Ken ordered “Pici Aglione” and while it wasn’t what we think of as pici it was nice fresh pasta with chunks of fresh tomatoes and big chunks of garlic–very tasty. Next we shared the roast pork–YUM!!! and a standard salad. We drank a mezzo carafe of house red which was fine. Our tab was 40 euros including 2 caffe.
From lunch we walked back over the Trinita bridge along Via Tournabuoni, the Rodeo Drive of Florence. We stopped at the Tim store to add a data package to my phone but the line was too long. We went to the Alba store where they sell all kinds of cheffy uniforms andI got a new apron; I used it already and it works great. The neck strap was too long and the woman shortened it up for me while we waited.
The light on the Duomo was just amazing; we had to take more pictures.
We came home and rested for a while, went back out briefly before dinner to get some cash and green tea at the very overpriced tea shop near our apartment.
After a light dinner we went upstairs to our little balcony and had another glass of red while we watched the light change over the roofs.

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