After breakfast we went to the desk for a suggestion for a walk. Federica gave us some options but the predictions were for rain starting in the late morning. Because I didn’t want to go far and be caught on some dirt, mountain path in the rain, we chose to walk from the hotel, to the right and out of town (I have no Idea if it was north south east or west.) Very soon we came to a small cemetery. I have never seen so many flowers at a cemetery before. I don’t know if it’s like this all the time but it is an incredible display.
They were about half real and half “silk”. I didn’t see any plastic flowers.
We continued on through hay fields seeing other walkers, bike riders and kids on cross country skis with wheels. We turned back towards the other side of town and eventually,
after about an hour of flat walking, we were back at the hotel. We sat in the front yard for a while and it felt like it would rain any minute. We could see mist falling around us, but it didn’t rain. Most of the day you could see the clouds so close:
So we regrouped and set out going left this time. The road climbed some and then we were on a path, passing a few houses and some strange looking rock structure ruins:
We could see the number 1932 on them but don’t know if that meant the date or what???
Again, like yesterday, I was treated to a terrific array of wild flowers:
This whole little meadow of Queen Anne Lace and ferns was really pretty:
We took this selfie:
We could hear a river most of the time but never did see it. Bormio has a big “artificial” river running through it because it used to have a big mill.
After about a half hour we turned back because it REALLY seemed like it was about to rain. Here’s the view coming back into town:
It never did rain until about midnight!
We stopped for a quick coffee in a bar next to Genzianella.
We came back, played some card and read. I took a long hot shower. I’m longing for a bath to soak my old body. Brazil and Chile soccer came on. We watched the first half in our room and the second down in the lobby in the “tower of Babel” So many languages! I tried a Hugo cocktail. It;s prosecco with elderflower syrup, lemon and mint. Very refreshing and I think easy to duplicate at home. The game went into over time and everyone went in for dinner. I had a real mountain meal. I started with “pizzocchiere” a typical regional dish of wide buckwheat noodles cooked with plenty of cheese and cabbage and potatoes. What’s not to love? And I had a deer chop with a fantastic wild blueberry sauce. The meat itself didn’t thrill me but I loved the sauce.
During the dinner lots of people were getting up to check the score of the game. When it went to PK’s half the dining room was in the small TV room. I stood beside a tall guy and I asked him where they were from. He said Belgium and I said, pointing to myself, USA. He mad a gesture of slitting his throat and some kind of horrible sound with it. I laughed but it was a little more intense than I would have liked. He really wanted Brazil to win because, he said, it was too early for one of the world’s best to be out of it. He got his wish.
We came up after about a 5 minute walk. Too cold for me. Rain is predicted for tomorrow–we’ll see…

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