It rained off and on all morning. We had a very few little errands to do so we got our rain gear together and went out. Caffee del Doge was first and then Rialto market for a little lunch salad supply. We had to make a trade at Mascari and I was nervous about my Italian skills but it all worked out, with a smile.
We went to Pavan Marina (thanks Ruth for helping me notice their name) for a piece of bread. It was very crowded in there so I just had time to tell her we loved the walnut bread and get the new one.
The jewelry store where we’ve gotten things in the past (Colleen K 😉 ) was open so we went in there. She greeted us like old friends and we talked and talked before we bought a few little gifts and I got a bracelet. She told me she had just made this bracelet yesterday and now she knows she’ll have to make more of them.
I stopped and bought Ken a big piece of soft almond torrone and I got a piece of hazelnut crocante so we nibbled on them all afternoon, after our healthy salads.
Packing was pretty easy. I really like using the packing cubes. I’m not sure they allow you to save any space but they do feel more organized and I like that.
All day I was wondering about dinner. We had talked about a few options but never actually made a reservation. The afternoon flew by with us studying the route from here to Bormio and trying to get the maps onto Ken’s iPad without wifi. Finally the sun peaked out so we went for a walk over towards San Giovanni Evangelista.
We took some time to look around there but we couldn’t go in because they were filming something inside. We walked on behind there and all around those streets. A ceramics shop, one of few in Venice caught my eye but we didn’t buy anything.
Came back hoe and it was time to get serious about dinner. Decided on Estro after calling Anice Stellato and Zucca and both being full. (We should know better but I just couldn’t decide.) Walking in that direction we looked in at Imprptu but they couldn’t take us. this was right about 8:00. So we decided to walk to San Barnaba just to check in La Bitta had a “no show” and we could get a table there. No luck. Every place we passed was packed. So I called Vecio Fritolin and asked. They had a table so we walked right over there. It was really a prefect place for us. I really wanted something simple but with good wine and service and that’s exactly what we got. We ordered a bottle of Friulian Sauvignon from Busseti (?) anyway it was very nice. I had ombrina (tasted like red fish but I have found a few different translations) filet cooked very simply with smae very small drops of a salsa verde around the plate and a perfect pile of sauteed veggies, even including a lettuce heart. Ken had the fritto misto. We shared a plate of cookies and a glass of fragolino for dessert. The service was delightful and so was the meal. We walked home slowly. Savoring savoring.
Views from our apartment:
Above Ponte Bernardo after the sun came out:


Last Full Day in La Serenissima — 2 Comments

  1. Jan you have done such a wonderful job of posting your trip. I’ve enjoyed everything. You write so well, from the heart and just as one would experience things. Easy to relate to, feeling the bittersweet ending of a great vacation. You were so wise to be based in such a magical place. It feels like you know it well. Take care and safe travels home I have loved being with you on this trip. Grazie mille.