Waking up to the sad news cast a new light onto our day. We moved slowly.
In all my visits in Italy I have always felt such a sense of being exactly where I belonged. This was the first day I lost it. I felt pretty shaky and definitely off my travel game all day. We had to get it together because Marina, the house cleaner was expected at 10:30. So we got stuff cleared up with her and went to Bucontrino, a small coffee place walking back into San Polo. I really liked my coffee and also we shared a “Brioche integrale” –it’s an Italian croissant with a bit of whole grain flour in it.
This one had a delicious honey jam in the center.
We wandered aimlessly for a while and finally decided to head over to Pantagreulica to get some more of his prosciutto–the best we’ve found. He told us that it’s the best according to slow food, too. It’s called Saint Illario Reserva 36 month; it comes from a town near Parma and it is delicious!
We went to the boat veggie market and that’s where I realized how off I was. I couldn’t really put a sentence together and even left there without getting one of the things on our list. We went into the Punto at Santa Margherita for a few things too. Walking home we passed right by Tonolo. This time I was stopping! I got us 2 beautiful cream puffs for dessert after dinner. And we stopped at the bread place at San Toma to try their
Pugliese bread.
We came home and Marina was gone. We had a good cry then and both read and relaxed for a while.
We went out again later because we wanted to get a few more things for dinner. I decided to take a few random canal shots to lift me up and it helped. Like art therapy.
These are both Santa Croce canal shots and here’s the side of Ca Pesaro (I think) we never walked around to the front to check.
We keep seeing ice pops for sale. There is even this chain popping up. I can’t remember if we saw them in Florence or not???
I made us a nice “comfort food” dinner of tagliatelle with Amatriciana sauce and also cooked some of the bietola/spinaci–seems like a cross between chard and spinach and I love it–and some simple sausage on the side. We drank a nice simple Valpolicella with it.
We are really grateful for all the kind notes we’ve gotten about Luigi. thanks, friends.


Not our best — 4 Comments

  1. My heart is with you Jan. Sounded like you made the best of a sad day and I’m glad you gave yourself time for a good cry and comforting food. Hugs dear friend.

  2. Jan, I am so sorry for your loss and I can understand how hard this period must be for you. I am glad you are doing things that bring you a bit of comfort to help you through this difficult time.

  3. More hugs, and lots of good thoughts to enjoy each moment of your trip! Your canal shots make me want to paint Venice, but they are beyond my watercolor ability!

  4. Hugs to you, dear.
    Happy memories will return and help heal you both.