We started out with coffee at Caffe del Doge, reputed to be the best in Venice and who am I to dispute that? So, I agree. The coffee was really great!
And then walked over the Rialto bridge, through campo Manin and campo San Luca heading to the western part of San Marco to find Palazzo Grassi. We had been there once before 4 years ago with Bob and Pat. There are two main shows there right now–“The Illusion of Light” and Irving Penn.
I enjoyed both but the Penn, mostly black and white photos, was my favorite. Also, on the ground floor, was a big space which, using light and space construction, was made to look like fog or a cloud. You could walk out onto it with shoe covers and we saved it for the end of the time there. I noticed that everyone out on the space was smiling and when we went on it we were both really grinning too. A happy white fog???
I took a bunch of pictures walking towards the museum in San Marco, like these pretty windows:
and this lovely little campo–all purple laundry:
We took the vap back to San Toma and I was SO thirsty, we stopped into the Birraria for a spritz. We were going to get lunch there too but they explained to us that you can’t have a spritz at a restaurant table. I think they said this only applies in the daytime–that the bar and the restaurant are separate. Anyway we had a quick, refreshing and thirst quenching spritz and walked around some more. We stopped in a Majer–they seem like the Starbucks of Venice now with one on every corner. We shared a grilled veggies sandwich and came back home. After a nice nap we headed back out towards San Giacomo dell’Orio to find the small Aimentari and the vino sfuso place. I am disappointed with the vino sfuso. The wine is OK but I hate that they use plastic bottles. I didn’t realize they were plastic until we got home and unpacked they; they look just like green glass wine bottles. They let us taste a few things there. Ken chose a cabernet franc and I chose a chardonnay which tasted nothing like any American chardonnay.
We got a bunch of stuff at the Alimentari–Ken is on his salami quest. And we walked home.
While we were eating dinner–I cooked again, adding to the left overs–it started to rain so we were in for the night. We tried to get some American TV on the TV here but, of course, just Italian channels. Also tried on our computers but all we could get was The Daily Show.
Ken was happy with that. I read and we called it a night.

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