Before I start the “official” blog I have to write that we just got an email. Our dog, Luigi/Louie, who we love so much, died last night at home, in the arms of our wonderful friend, Olivia. Even though we knew this was a real possibility, we are both heartbroken at the news.
Pilates–I was a little nervous but I got set up, changing my clothes and putting my purse into a little locker. I noticed afterwards that everyone else left theirs in the dressing room but I did what the sign said to do. Their reformers are very different but the teacher, who spoke no English, was helpful. The class was totally different. We did lots of reps of each exercise, used the green heavy balls as weights in our arms while doing the footwork, on and on. There were 5 women in the class. The teacher asked me if I was a dancer and I said a long time ago. I was totally sweating by the end and I signed up to do it again next week.
These are robes in the Missoni store window, just around the corner from the Pilates place, Campo San Luca:
Ken met me afterwards and we walked over to Campo Giovanni e Paolo. The church is totally covered by construction–not a pretty sight. We walked by “Sabrina”s” apartment (BJ) and back over the Rialto bridge towards home. I got some shrimp and barley salad at a new place on the main street (Ruga?) to go and we got some bread for lunch.
In the afternoon Ken wanted gelato so we checked it out around here and he finally got some near the Rialto bridge. We walked down to the Grand canal to hang while he ate it:
Ken took a quick shot of me in my new glasses so you could see them. These are the green ones (obviously)
We had a date to meet Nan, to give her all her stuff, at 6:30 at a new bacaro in Canneregio called Vino Vero.
They have all organic wines there and we tasted two Franciacortas–sparkling wines from not far from here. I liked them both. Nan ahd to go do some work and Ken and I went for a quick dinner at Osteria da Rioba. I had an intersting dish, monkfish on a bed of fresh spinach and sun dried tomatoes and topped with hazelnuts. Ken had tagliatelli with shrimp and asparagus.
We walked home over the Guglie bridge and caught the sunset (around 9:00)


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  1. Jan, first I do want to say I’m so very sorry to hear this sad news of your sweet Luigi’s passing. I’m sure though in life you gave him such a loving home. He’s in doggie heaven and romping happily. That is a vision I hope you will carry. On the Italian side of life things look quite beautiful for you and I’m enjoying all your photos and your new glasses. You look, youthful and beautiful as ever.