The predictions were all for rain and storms most of the day so we decided to get out early (we were done with coffee at Nomboli by 10:00) and beat the wet. Well, first off, it was a beautifully clear and breezy day, until about 5 in the afternoon, and second the town was so much less crowded early in the morning. We decided that, for exercise sak, we would walk a long way to the Punta della Dogana to the museum. So we went through San Barnaba, towards Accademia and then cut down to the Zattere passing by the Squero and coming around the back side of the museum. What a beautiful walk–it took us just about 30 min. There is this oldish, wood sail boat parked there and we looked at it for a while:
I got a nice picture of Ken out there–his blissed out on Italy look:
I know everyone (Nan) doesn’t love Pinault but for the undereducated art fan the space is fantastic. I love how everyone is there to see the art but cannot help from stopping at the picture windows to look at Venice for a while. My favorite thing at this show was a glass installation that looked like bug tubs of water in shades of blues, purples and greys. I’m not explaining it well but it captured my interest and Ken’s too. Ken loved the room full of glass skulls.
We popped into the Salute church for a return visit but felt too “over” the art to stay long.
So we took the vap (by now it’s getting crowded) over to San Marco and walked down Calle Fabbri to check out a food store there that Jill told me about. He did have my coveted Garda olive oil but just one kind and in kind of a fat bottle–hard to pack. Maybe I’ll go back there or maybe just get lucky as we are driving to Bormio to stop an pick some up.
We had timed it perfectly to arrive at Rialto market for the fish fry lunch. For 10euros (I could swear it was 8 last time??) you get a huge plate of fried seafood, a slab of polenta and a glass of white sprityz wine, in a real wine glass, We hared ours, sitting on the ground near the canal. We have our spot reserved (in our memory). There are a few tables and chairs but they never seem to be free.
From there we went to get more salami at Aliani and pay them back the euro we owed from last time. They were super busy. Good for them.
We cam home for a little while and went back out so I could be sure about finding Antiche Carampane for my ST friends. Following Ruth’s directions, we walked right there. That done we went to get bread at San Toma but the pane was finito. We tried the other bakery but it was closed. Oh well.
Here are some photos from that little area:
Sunken boat with a captain’s hat:
red laundry:
flag right near the Frari:
We stopped at Bucintoro and had a coffee (we really like the man there) and I got a piece of the hazel nut croccante candy that keeps catching my eye. Oh man it is GOOD!
Came home for some reading time. I just finished Miss Garnet’s Angel.
At 5:40 it started raining but our Slow Travel GTG was on and I was unfazed. I had my rain gear and walked over to Ciak and there they were! Susan, Dixie, Roy and Carole. We had a nice visit and prosecco and then I walked Susan and Dixie to the Coop bufore coming home.
We had an easy dinner–just salad and leftovers. At a bit after 10 I told Ken “I’m not gonna make it” to see the game at midnight. But I woke up right on time and watched the whole thing. There doesn’t seem to be as much spirit here as in years past. Maybe it’s our neighborhood. I’m just not sure. Anyway Italy won!
Forza Italia!!!

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