We kept pretty busy today and I’ve got lots of pictures! In the morning we walked (first to Caffe del Doge for coffee) over the Rialto bridge and into Castello. Ken wanted to “check out” the Biennale of Arichetecture. We didn’t realize that it was opening day and people were streaming into the little calle. We decided to come back during the week when it may be less crowded but we enjoyed our walk–here are some of the photos I took on the way:
And Ken spacing out on a bridge while I take pictures:
This is my favorite from the walk:
We came back home on the vap and got some bread–had salads for lunch and went to see and participate in the “No Grandi Navi” (no big ships) protest. It was hot and crowded in Piazzale Roma; the music was WAY too loud and the speakers were, well of course, in Italian. But it’s a great cause and I’m glad we were there even if we only stayed about a half hour. I really wanted one of these red T shirts but couldn’t find where they were sold.
We came home for rest time, stopping at Grom near the Frari Church (yes, it’s new). We sat on the stoop dripping ice cream everywhere and laughing about it.
La Bitta was our evening entertainment. We just love the hominess of the place and the food, of course. Walking over there, to Campo San Barnaba, we could see boats in unusual places–all coming here for the Vogalonga tomorrow. There were even a few right in the campo. I liked these:
Dinner was wonderful even if we over ordered. But it was a pretty warm night and the food was a bit heavy. The braised pork cheeks with polenta were the best thing but more for a cool night. I loved the gnocchi with ricotta and fresh tomatoes, too. We talked to the owner who said she remembered us from years past. We noticed a lot of new people working there and she said her husband is sick (seemed serious) so she needs the help now.
We had a nice walk back, taking more photos. This one in Dorsoduro:
and this one behind Campo San Polo of the rio:

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