I rained ALL DAY.
Here’s was our view from the balcony:
IN the afternoon, around 4:00 we thought it had stopped and got ready to go out but before we had our shoes on it started again. We went anyway–walked about 20 minutes around town and come back.
We made the best of it thoug. Read, watched Italian cooking shows, played cards and watched Breaking Bad on Netflix.
At 6:00 the Holland Mexico match came on so we watched. I took this quick shot when I was sure Mexico was going to win: (That’s the goalie, Ochoa behind the Brazil 2014 logo)
Dinner was awesome. I had gnoccetti with a rich rabbit ragout. and Next I had a small eggplant souffle, with a tine bit of orange zest sauce, with small oil poached tomatoes which were baked. They were really great. In the morning I had watched Nicola harvesting the herbs and lettuce from the gardn and the salad was so nice with that fresh stuff. Ken had cavatelli with walnut sauce and speck served it a bit parmigiano cup. and He had terrific lamb shops. I ate some of the cheeses with the honey and mostarda. And a blueberry pannacotta.
We had a nice talk with them as we settled up our bill. We are leaving very early in the morning and they said they will leave a snack for us to take with us. How nice!
This morning we woke up to this:
We think it snowed last night on the mountain.

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