I really wanted to revisit Treviso. On our last trip we spent a day there and I came away feeling like I could live there. This trip: same feeling!
We got up early and were on the train by 9:15; it’s only a 30 minute ride. Quick shot I took, in Venice, walking to the train station–I love this part of the walk:
We followed the “bullseye” signs for the centro/center and by memory we knew we were on the right path. We stopped at a small bar for coffee and a delicious brioche and continued walking. You can tell we were early because they were still washing the windows at the Tim store:
Here’s the upper part of that same pretty building:
We wandered around. Saw a small open air art show and dogs in kennels up for adoption. There are lots of housewares shops and we went into a few of those. Saw this little oasis near the river:
img alt=”IMG_1422donna.jpg” src=”http://keepyourfeetinthestreet.com/images/IMG_1422donna.jpg” width=”320″ height=”320″ />
One of the waterwheels near the outdoor market:
This pretty, little corner, also near the outdoor market:
Treviso seems very cosmopolitan:
And it is super friendly! We got some salad and peaches in the market and the guy came out and introduced himself, asked where we were from and shook our hands. The guy in the bar where I got a small glass of water was really nice and friendly, too.
I bought some dried procini in a cool little gastro store and on our way back to the train, stopped at the beautiful Danesin Gastronomica, for some fresh pasta and a panino for Ken.
We had a but 20 minutes to wait for our train so I got a tuna tramezzino and a coffee in the bar there and Ken ate his sandwich. On the train ride home I couldn’t help but notice the woman across the aisle had UGA flip flops on–so a conversation ensued. She is Italian, from Treviso, but lives and works outside of Atlanta. Anyway, I came away from Treviso ready to move in. Not really but “non si sa mai” (you never know).
The afternoon was very lazy. I wish we had gone out and done something but we just didn’t. Ken took a long nap and I read and we just never got going until about 5:30. At that point we started out for our 7:15 dinner reservation. Taking our time walking over to Castello, through Santa Maria Formosa.
And here’s the view from the Ponte Greci:
Dinner was at CoVino. It’s a very small place, open kitchen set up, only 6 tables and was, coincidentally, just written up in the NYTimes. We enjoyed everything but the flavors didn’t knock me out at all. Best thing about it was Andrea who totally runs the front of the house. What a pro! We ate: octopus salad, a decidedly un-Venetian baked pasta dish (which was maybe the best dish of the night–it had pecorino, becamel and ragu); Ken had sausage which he didn’t love because it had a bit of cloves in it. I had some kind of “slow food” chicken which was good but I didn’t love the thick sauce with it. Desserts were: tiramisu (I thought would be a lot more creative but was quite traditional) and Ken had “Fugazza” which turned out to be like Pennetone with a sauce.
The wine pairings were wonderful! Ken especially loved the organic prosecco and we also shared a scrumptious moscato d’Asti with the dessert.
We got out of there at 9:15 and walked home quickly to watch the Germany v. Ghana match. So glad we got to walk home–so full!


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  1. This is a wonderful post Jan. I’m so enjoying your blogging of this trip. Grazie mille.