I got home from my early morning adventure and did my normal morning stuff. (This is the BOGO day on my blog–I posted about the morning, earlier)
Ken and I went to Caffe del Doge and then to the bread shop. As soon as I walked in she smiled and said “Noci”. It was really delicious! I also stopped in at Sabbie e Nebbia, bought a little gift for Kathryn and spoke to Maria Teresa, who sends big hugs to Ruth.
We came back home to put the bread away and decide to go to Giudecca for a nice walk. First we walked over through Piazza San Marco to San Zaccharia. Everything looked completely different. So many people!
We took the boat across and got off at Redentore to walk westward. (We had explored the other end of the island on a previous trip) It’s nice over there but I wouldn’t want to “live” there and be dependent on the boats all the time. Here’s the Giudecca gas station:
We sat on a bench in front of the Hilton which used to be the Stucky building.
Here’s some photos from the walk:
We came back on the vap to San Toma and, first time ever, they checked our tickets which were almost expired or were expired??? at the 75 minute limit for one ride.
We thought we would have lunch at Nomboli but it was packed so we just came home and I made us a little salad and scrambled eggs and the walnut bread.
In the afternoon I met Jill at Palazzo Mocenigo for the perfume exhibit. Truth be told, I was so into talking with Jill that I really didn’t pay that much attention to the museum. The perfume part is interactive and we smelled a lot of things. They also have a fairly sizable display of period costumes which were intricate and beautiful.
Jill and I sat on a bench at San Polo and talked some more and then said good bye.
The game–disastro! I don’t know if it was the game or knowing we are leaving so soon but I was in a bad mood afterwards. We went out a little after 8:00 thinking we would get something to eat. Al Prosecco was closed (we never did get there this trip) and we wandered a bit. Finally I had the idea to go to Improptu Cafe which was on my “list”. I loved their web site because it plays Billie Holliday and the design is very “cool” in there. It turned out to be perfect for us. We each had a pasta dish–mine was tube pasta called sedannini, Amatriciana with shrimp. It was spicy and smokey and the shrimp were sweet. I loved it. Ken had house made tagliatelle with asparagus, tomatoes and olives–the asparagus were white, fresh and perfectly cooked. We had two different white wines and then shared one more glass of the drier Friuliano. Then we shared a moscato for dessert. A very successful outing and the staff was lovely. Spirits officially lifted.
We had a sweet stroll back home, watched Breaking Bad and went to sleep.

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