We woke to light rain. Hung out in the lobby for a while, had some coffee and talked to concierge Markus about our day. We headed across the bridge (we are starting to feel more at home in this off-the-beaten-path part of the city) towards the Migros Museum, a contemporary art museum. Here’s the bench and sign in front:
We enjoyed the show but it didn’t blow us away. My favorite part was a gallery of work by a woman who makes forms, like heads or boxes, out of needlepoint.
We asked at the museum about a lunch place and were directed to the Viadukt area. Approaching it you see the stone arches of the old Roman(?) viaduct and inside you see they’ve build this market using it a walls.
There are lots of stalls inside representing different countries and an upscale restaurant in the back. Ken got to have his last Italian salami sandwich:
And I had bread from the bakery and delicious cheddar cheese from the British booth. We also drank Brewdog 5 a.m. Saint Ale which we loved. I asked the Scottish guy threre if the people were mostly tourist or residents and he said we were probably the only tourists there!
After lunch we came back to get fully organized for going home. We took a short stroll in the park just below the hotel and watched the early soccer match. For dinner we went back to La Contrada. Ken had a wonderful big salad and I had a veal steak with morel mushroom sauce. We shared a wonderful home made tiramisu and were given sweet wine for dessert. Over the years we have been unlucky with last meals but this was really good!
Walking home, I took this of our hotel from across the river Sihl:
Second soccer match and to bed.
We’ll be up early to go to the airport in the morning.


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  1. Welcome back, your trip was wonderful to be part of, thank you. Now, take a nap!