We awoke to a beauty of a day–clear, sunny skies and a real cool breeze. After our make-shift breakfast in the room we walked to the Lion Monument.
Carved into the side of a cliff, just a few blocks outside of the downtown, the Lion is a memorial to Swiss soldiers who died in the French Revolution. It was carved by one of the survivors in 1820. So poignant and touching, the dying lion is a really worthwhile sight. We hung out there for a while as tour groups came and went.
From there we walked down to The Church of St. Leodegar which is full of beautiful carved wood features.
The double spires of this church are a well known landmark.
From there we walked along the north side of the lake, passing beautiful formal gardens, hotels with their covered dining areas, sculptures, people and dogs, and wild flowers.
We came back and went into the Migros for a quick lunch. Yes, we have stooped so low to be eating lunch in a grocery store. We were not the only ones. the place is packed with local workers and tourists. They have a large seating area and a good number of choices.
Back at the hotel for a while, we ate a ton of candy. I finally got my gelatines.
In the late afternoon we went for another walk to the park just a block away. Ken loves watching the men (I have yet to see a woman) play chess there. I watched the kids playing in the playground and checked out the public toys.
Then we walked back toward the lake and the “civic center” was crowded with dressed up people–mostly gathered, standing, around small high tables with wine. I finally asked someone what was happening and he told me it was graduation.
We went back to David and Dean for dinner. No comment.
I am starting to get excited about going home!


Lovely Lucerne and the Lion — 1 Comment

  1. Jan, your Summer vacation has been so much fun to follow (and even be a part of, for a few hours, anyway). We wish the two of you a wonderful few last hours and safe trip home.
    Looking at your carved lion reminded me of one we saw in Canale Montreano, not far from Tolfa and Fontana del Papa.
    Here is a link, with a video. Toward the end you will see the lion and there is a good written documentation regarding it.
    I wonder how many of these regal lions there are.
    Safe travels