We made coffee in the room in a single cup Nespresso machine with little pods. It was surprisingly decent. Restaurant prices here are outrageous. A buffet breakfast in this hotel costs 30 CHF which is about $35–each!
The day looked gorgeous weather-wise, clear, sunny breezy in the low 60’s when we started out towards the lake but it warmed up quickly.
I thought the Radisson Blu Hotel looked interesting:
We walked south for a while and realized we were getting into an industrial area so we turned around and walked back around the lake and I heard Italian. I looked and it was two grandparents with a child in a stroller. I spoke to them to ask about where to eat and they sent us into the Old Town. We checked out the place the suggested and walked and walked some more, mostly window and menu shopping.
There are huge murals all over this town:
This is not a mural but I thought it was humorous:
By 12:30 (we hadn’t eaten any breakfast) we were running into the travel wall. Too hungry to make a good, informed decision. This seems to happen to us once every trip. We just see a table and sit down. That’s how we ended up at 1:00, and I am chuckling to myself as I write this, Chimney Steakhouse. We both knew it would be a fiasco but we smiled and laughed our way through it. At the very least we were in a lovely shaded spot, outside, in Switzerland.
We ordered a salad to share which had a fabulously indulgent creamy white dressing on it. And we each ordered a sausage plate, one veal and one pork. They came with a huge portion of “rosti” which are like hash browns and a thick, dark brown, onion sauce. We both thought the pork sausage was tastier than the veal which had the consistency of a hot dog. We each had an espresso afterwards and the bill came to about $80. If the food was good we wouldn’t mind but for this stuff???
We walked back to the train station to check out the “mall” underneath and came back to the hotel.
Since there were 2 huge soccer games on (at 6 and 10 here) we decided to find some take out food and have a picnic in the room between games. We have one bottle of Valpolicella we didn’t drink in Venice, too. We had a new area to explore, behind the hotel. There’s a nice park and Ken was taken with the chess game there:
We went to check out the laundry possibilities after finding out there is no self service in Lucerne. It would cost us about $25 to get one load done so we think we’ll pass and just hand wash anything we really need.
The are bunches of bakeries all around here with sandwiches and I think we looked at all of them. Finally it was getting really close to 6 and you could feel the local excitement. Lots of people wearing their red Swiss jerseys and shouting encouragements to each other. We got some food at a place called David and Dean. It was cheap, fresh and just fine.
Both games were so intense! And such disappointments. :(.

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