Well, we’ve been home a few days now and I’m ready to think about the trip as a whole.
Coming home went very smoothly. We were ready early to check out of the Marriott and made our 10 minute walk to the train station. We bought our tickets and had 2 minutes to spare before the next train to the airport left. I got this quick shot of the lovely angel of the Zurich train station:
The process of finding Delta and where to check in was hectic. We couldn’t check in at any automated kiosk because we had “paper tickets.” This seemed to throw everyone since the machine in Atlanta had spit them out when we rebooked our departure. Finally we found the right desk, dropped our luggage and made our way to the Sky Team lounge. We had some coffee and breakfast there; the place was nearly empty. I went to the duty free shop to spend my last Swiss Francs on a bottle of Swiss gin. Better than chocolate!
After another long walk to the gate, we boarded. The first flight attendant had a Southern accent and I have to admit, I loved it!
The flight was fine. I watched 2 movies, read, napped and ate everything they put in front of me. Business class helps.
Atlanta airport was a complete zoo. As soon as we got off the plane people started yelling about which line to go into. Not a very nice welcome for foreigners, especially.
The Delta lounges were packed but we found a spot to make some phone calls and before we knew it we were home.
The house is fine but it’s like a big bubble of empty space is following us around where Luigi should be. We’ll get used to it but it’s still very strange.
I have some random photos that never quite fit into a blog post that I will put up in the next day or two.
Right now, we’re glad to be home. My wisdom about travel is this:
Trips are kind of like kids. They’re all very different but you love them all. We totally loved this one!

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