We woke up to blue skies but we could only hang out long enough to eat breakfast and pack up the car.  We had to be out of Castelrotto by 9:00.  Petra pointed out a few more thing I hadn’t noticed, like why there are witches everywhere and she told me the legend of the Castelrotto witch.  I walked around the outside of Haus Silbernagl and took a few parting shots.  IMG_1959ghs2

entrance of Haus Slibernagl

entrance of Haus Slibernagl


took a few more from the car.

view from the car , leaving Castelrotto

view from the car , leaving Castelrotto

It’s an incredibly beautiful drive but the minute I saw the sign for entering the Veneto I was so happy.  I just never really connected with the Sud Tirol–yes it’s beautiful but it doesn’t feel like Italy to me.

We found the storefront for the Hertz place fairly easily.  We’re still discussing name potentials for the lovely woman in my phone who guides us to our destinations.  Ken hates my first choice, Cara.  Since we gave back the car, we may not be needing her as much now.

So, Verona.  We love it.  The apartment is great with one box unticked.  It has no views except other walls, but the space is great, it’s quiet, everything is comfortable and works well.  Including the washing machine which we used right away.

We are right in the centro near the Porta Borsari.  We went over the bridge to shop at a Pam supermarket to get some basics.  Had our traditional lunch of prosciutto, salami, bread and lettuce with some earthy red date tomatoes on the side.  All really great quality bought at the supermarket.  Nap after lunch and then we went right downstairs to Locanda Dolce, a fabulous looking and smelling bakery with a small coffee bar.  We shared something that looked like a brownie but was round, covered with sliced almonds and was made with just almond four. It was so cocoay rich and perfect with the espresso.  I’m sure we’ll be back there.  Here’s a picture of a little part of their window:IMG_1949ld

Roy (long story but he’s a very close friend from home who has  moved here) arrived in the afternoon and we had a lot to talk about.  The great news is that he brought a wheelchair for me for Verona.  We walked down to the arena and sat in the small park there for more talk.IMG_1942klIMG_1946rl




Luisa met us all there and we went to dinner.  I loved the restaurant!  It’s called Bocondivino (there must be at least one in every Italian city) and focuses on seafood.  We sat outside–needed a light sweater, for sure.  We each got a different pasta with seafood dish and we all four loved it.  We drank a really nice 2013 Lugana and we also had some nice desserts.IMG_1939bocon

Walking back to ur place after 11:00 and there is so much activity in town.  Bars have live music; people are out–this could be Greenwich Village.  We are falling for this town with the Adige River running through it.  I’m feeling happy for Roy to get such a wonderful chance to live here.


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  1. Your blog posts always make me feel happy and satisfy my wanderlust. Than you Jan. What a nice way to begin my morning.