Plan for the day:  Go to the Biennale.  The Biennale, “the premier contemporary art exposition in the world”  happens in the odd numbered years and for the last 10 years we have only been here in the even years.  So, you can see why we really wanted to go.

We took the vaporetto and on board I was standing with three well dressed Scandinavian women.   They had Biennale literature in hand so I asked them if they were going and we talked a bit. (They were not the only well dresses people we saw–lots of while linen and women in gorgeous print dresses with pearls)  I decided we should go to the Giardini portion of it because it was a beautiful day and rain is expected for the next few.

The set up is by country.  Joan Jonas is the artist representing the USA and although she’s gotten plenty of critical praise for her work, I found it interesting but way short of thrilling.  For a thrill, I would choose Japan’s room full of keys hanging on red yarn with boats.  Doesn’t sound like much but visually it’s captivating.  Here are some of my photos from the Biennale


From Australia, the bread elephant lying on a map book on the African page. Behind is a bread ship and the map is of Italy–remember the fairly recent cruise ship disaster?


The French had 3 trees which moved by means of robot sensors.


I loved the Canadian show. These are everyday cans made into art.


In Germany there was a theater with lounge chairs and a heady video about reality and un reality, including some dance and animation.


Another shot from the German Theater. I think you can see the chairs in front.

All of the red is the hanging keys.

All of the red is the hanging keys.


One of the rooms in Russia.


Russia: This guy is as big as the whole room and his eyes move very realistically. Eerie!

There was so much more and some we didn’t go into.  We both thought it was worth the price of admission.

We came home and had lunch at 4:00.  What a crazy schedule we’re on! Laundry and rest until our 9:00 dinner date with delightful Amy and Larry, Slow Trav friends. On the walk there we saw this noteworthy bridge with no sides:


This one’s for Yvonne.

We went to L’Orto dei Mori.  The food was not as enjoyable as the company but it was good.  I especially liked my pasta dish with shrimp “bisque” and the desserts!  Amy and I want to go to the Fortuny museum together because our close minded husbands don’t want to!

I love how our apartment smell so nice when we get home because I bought one large stem of lilies our first day and they are blooming beautifully.


So Much Input — 4 Comments

  1. Hey, thanks for the photo of the bridge in (one of) my favourite sestiere!

    It’s so tempting to get back there before this Biennale draws to a close, there’s so much I didn’t get to see.

  2. I love the “no sides” bridge shot too. That little gem was pointed out to me when I was there in October.
    So cool you are there at the same time as Amy and Larry. They’re the best!

  3. Wonderful view of the Biennale. I like the Canadian paint cans too. Great you were there with Amy and Larry. What fun to share a night in Veneziale!

  4. Jan,
    Great images of the Biennale.
    I understand why you liked the Japanese exhibit…looks interesting. The Russian in the mask looks intriguing too!!
    Thanks for posting photos! I’ll just miss the Biennale this year… I’m arriving in December.
    A big YES to Fortuny!! I don’t even care what exhibit is showing I love the palazzo…it feels very spiritual to me! I hope the top floor is open… Love the views.