We woke up early at the AC Recoletos (Our Marriott hotel was really fine for  $150/night and the staff was kind and helpful).  We took a short walk and stopped in a little spot right down the street called the Jefe I think it means chief?) I had a fabulous fruit salad there and some toast,  I even put butter on it.  That’s what vacay is for, right?  Ken had a croissant and we both had coffee=8 Euros.  We walked around the neighborhood and sat for a while in the Colon Park.  We heard bunches of police sirens so we went in that directions.  Lots of cops on the streets and in cars.  We were told the President of Paraguay was visiting and one woman claimed she had seen Prince Pihllipe of Spain.  Well, that was our excitement for the day.  We back upstairs to do our final packing and left around noon for our 3:00 flight.  We imagined there’s would be lots of traffic but it only took us about 12 minutes to get to the airport.  We shared our last Spanish ham sandwich in the airport and flew to Milan with out incident.  beautiful Italy!IMG_1420pol


Kenny checking out the local Barbque.

Kenny checking out the local Barbque.

walking towards the Puerta Alcala


We took the train to Cadorna Station and a taxi from there.  It was raining so there was a bit of a line for the taxi but it didn’t take too long.  We met our,super cute, land lady, Roberta who explained all the idiosyncrasies   of the apartment.  Luckily the food market just next store closes by eight so we made it by 15 minutes.  We bought very little stuff and then walked about 15 minutes to a terrific local restaurant called Mes Amis on via Dommodosolla.  We had a fabulous dinner.  Each had an app–mine was roasted veggies with roasted cheese, which was a small round of Piemotese Tomino., melting on the veggies, it was perfect.  Ken got a very gererous saulimi platter and we were both full after the apps.  We then shared their signature pasta dish, cooked in a parmigiano wheel, there is short pasta with cream and small chunks of some kind of pork meet.  And was it was delicious!  Then we shared the classic veal cotoletto–perfectly fried in butter and a bit of arugula and tomato salad was on the plate with it.


I enjoyed watching the cooks in the open kitchen and the owner/waitress/hostess was very charming and worked so hard.  We drank a Barbera d’Asti with it.  So full, we walked back home.  It fees so good to be in beautiful Italy!  so comfortable.  Yay!



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