I woke up very early and realized I might be able to catch the sunrise so I popped out of bed and hung out at our windows for the treat:

IMG_1722soleSince I was ready, I went to the Vaporetto ticket booth downstairs and a half block away, and added some rides onto our passes.  Took this picture on top of the only bridge I had to pass:IMG_1718mend

We had an early date to meet Amy and Larry at the Fortuny.  We took the #1 vap from Ca D’oro, meaning to go all the way to Sant Angelo but decided to get off at Rialto and walk some.  The vap was so so slow.  We stopped for coffee and by the time we finished  were very early so we sat for a while in Campo Sant Angelo.  I’m starting to get into the “campo sitting”.  Details come into view that I would normally miss just walking through.  Like these brick support arches between buildings:

IMG_1714sup We met Amy and Larry, all commenting about the typical Venetian signage or lack of it.  The regular Fortuny show was not there but rather a whole new show called Proportio.  The concepts of proportions was to have influenced or be apparent in all of these works.  There were a lot of contemporary pieces but in among them were a Canova sculpture, a Botticelli painting and other “old stuff.”  It started with a room full of hemp “pavilions” you could walk through and they smelled like straw.   Here’s one room called something about Signs of Selfies:

IMG_1711selfieI really enjoyed the 2 “sitting” video installations.  I would never have had the patience or time, to sit through a 10 minute video at home and I loved both of these.  Larry and Ken were both really into the white room with large black concave discs. Two other videos on the walls were fascinating–“A man and his soul” (reminded me of Kenny) and one of a thin, naked woman moving with her hands and feel on the floor–the focus of the video was her back and shoulders moving slowly. Ken loved the architectural models.  When we came out Larry and I both said something like “well that was wild” and it was.  A wild and crazy exhibition.

We went over to San Polo.  Big news:  Vizio Virtu has moved to somewhere in Castello.  We also went to the jewelry shop where many Slow Travelers have bought things and bought bread and cookies at the bakery near Ciaks.  We came home for lunch and some storms. There was a rainbow in the sky to the East.  We went for a nice walk in the afternoon and got some nice pics.

Pretty window with flag

Pretty window with flag

Little green chapel built in 1668.

Little green chapel built in 1668.

After the walk we came home a relaxed some more.  Oh, this is a tough life 😉






We went to dinner a Trattoria da Bepi, right near us.  We had a really nice antipasto of razor clams and scallops, a bottle of delicious Soave Classico and 2 pasta dishes which were just OK.  We decided to walk to the Ca D’Oro gelato shop for dessert.  And there is big news on the gleato front.  I branched out and tried 2 new flavors which were both fantastic.  Gianduja was chocolate and hazelnut–delicious as it sounds but the Yogurt with Passion fruit was really full of passion fruitiness and I loved it.  Very exciting discovery


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  1. Love to read every word Jan. Thank you so much. It is something I look forward to at the start of my day. Pure heaven. So happy for you.