Traveling with a baby is wonderful but different.  She and her basic needs dictate quite a bit of our pace.  No problems, just an observation.  She is a total joy as grandchildren should be.


We took off to explore The Halifax Seaport Farmers Market, founded in 1750, said to be the oldest farmers market in North America.  Turns out, most of the vendors are selling crafts and prepared foods and the real farmers only come on Saturday.  We checked out the whole place and each found something for a great lunch.  Teresa and I chose Norberts where I had a fabulous BLT and Teresa had fish chowder.  We loved it!IMG_1483mkt













Then we went for a nice walk on the boardwalk along the harbor.

IMG_1489lampsCan you see the arty lamp posts?  They really blend in with the sky but the shapes were fun.

I, of course, spotted this beautiful winged lion, symbol of Venice.

The weather was so foggy we were all pretty damp by the time we headed to the airport to pick up Kathryn.











It was a wonderful reunion!  I love seeing Josh and Kathryn together.  Here’s Mavis’ first re-meeting with Auntie Kathryn.

We cooked some lobsters for dinner. And just sat around talking through the rainy night

Josh and Kathryn want to eat lobster EVERYDAY!


Kathryn and Josh at the airport



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  1. Jan, I thought the first picture was you and Lenny strolling josh from younger days. Then I made it bigger. You all are so beautiful and I love you. Kathryn is so beautiful. Josie

  2. this makes me so overjoyed for you, Jan! What a heavenly time to share with your most beloveds. Enjoy enjoy enjoy. Love you all!