It was a very overcast morning and rain was predicted so we drove into Halifax. It takes us about 20 minutes.  We parked at the Maritime Museum and went in to explore.  Kathryn and Mavis wore the same shoes:


Mavis was fascinated with the parrot, named Merlin, who lives there.  Kathryn really loved the Titanic exhibit.  Josh looked at all the boats.  Ken and Teresa were into the Halifax explosion of 1917.  All in all it was a great way to get a feel for this city and its history.

Tyler had a focus!  He had to have Poutine and Donairs, 2 local specialities. After we pulled into the parking lot he ran down to the boardwalk and spotted another desire.  The maple glazed “beaver tail” which he described as a flat, funnel cake had captured his fancy.

So after the museum we walked back to the Seaport market to see what it was like on Saturday. Ken and I walked really fast because I was so cold! We had a great time.  We tasted lots of different things including some single malt whiskey from Glenora Distillery in Cape Breton.  They actually age the whiskey in ice wine barrels to make it distinctive and delicious.  I kinda wish I’d bought some.  We did buy a bunch of pastries, goat cheese curds, home made soap, bread, salad mix, basil, honey and fabulous unsprayed strawberries–probably the best strawberries I’ve ever had.  Josh, Teresa and I each ate one local oyster which tasted very different from ours in the south.  We bought a bunch of different home made sausage which we grilled up for dinner with a nice salad.

We left the market and some went into Keith’s Brewery while Ken and I wheeled Mavis around and she fell asleep.  We left there on the Donair quest.  We walked up to what the locals call (thanks Anne) “Pizza Corner”  and found the spot.

IMG_1577donhistSo, Donairs are like gyros but with a sweet sauce.  Personally, I didn’t care for it but we all managed to eat some.  Here is Tyler doing some advertising poses for the donairs and the poutine, on the right:IMG_1578pou


The Poutine place was 2 doors down so we all sampled the fries with gravy (tasted like Thanksgiving, to me which isn’t bad) and melted cheese curds.

Teresa, wisely, found a vegan cafe and managed to get a great smoothie and some potatoes for Mavis.  As we walked back to the car it started to rain.  We had time the day perfectly! IMG_1573tro


Couldn’t resist on more shot of the ever fascinating Mavis and her Daddy:


Back home, in time for the second half and painful kicks in the soccer match.  Italy lost to Germany.

We played a new game after dinner.

Another fully joy filled day.


Halifax for Foodies? — 2 Comments

  1. My father was in the Canadian Navy, and he was in Halifax when that explosion happened. He and his shipmates were involved in the cleanup of the damaged areas.

  2. Oh I’m delighted you discovered NS strawberries. I’d meant to suggest them…they really are the best!