After a nice relaxing morning we set out for a little trip to Peggy’s Cove.  We drove along St. Margaret’s Bay; about 30 minutes south of here is Peggy’s Cove.  The little town was lively with Canada Day celebrants but far from crowded.  We were able to park easily at the top of the hill and walk out on the beautiful stoney cliffs, over the granite boulders, to get our first glimpse of the Northern Atlantic.  It was windy and chilly but we all loved it!


IMG_1532kkIMG_1543lhOn the way back to the car we spotted a large area with many rock sculptures.  Some really looked like something and some were just interesting placements.











Then we walked through the town and had a delightful lunch of lobster rolls at a lobster shack with picnic tables.








The views were like postcards of what you would think of as a Northeastern fishing village.  Two charming young women were selling their home-smoked fish on the side of the road and it was delicious!  There were lots of boats, colorful bouys and lobster traps on little docks along the road.


We came back home in the afternoon and I had a nice nap.  We hung out on the dock on the lake, Tyler braved the cold water and some of them went out on the peddle boat.  I played with Mavis in the grass.  She really loves being outside!

For dinner, we met Slow Traveler, Anne and her husband and mother at Ela!, a Greek restaurant.  I got my first taste of local haddock which I really enjoyed but the real treat was meeting Anne.  The connection of the ST community is strong and wonderful.  We didn’t get enough time to talk about Italy but it was really a happy visit.

Came back home in time to drink some whiskey and play Cranium with the kids.  I had some really big laughs which, even though Ken and I got creamed, made it so worth while.




Peggy’s Cove — 5 Comments

  1. Hi jan, If time permits, I can recommend visits to Mahone Bay, Lunenburg & other communities on the south shore. Each is attractive & unique. Doug

  2. Jan, I love reading your daily tales and I feel I am with you every day. Love to all. Josie

  3. Such a wonderful vacation with the family. I’m so happy you were able to meet Anne and her mom. I would love to do that as well. Your trip has a certain quiet beauty…the place, the weather, the feel of the land, those stone sculptures so interesting. Seems the landscape has many secret stories. Thanks for taking us with you and p.s. those lobster rolls look yummy. Happy continued times with Mavis and the family. Enviable for sure.

  4. I’m so glad we were able to get together; what a delight to meet you!
    (Barb, I’d love to meet you sometime too.) Also glad you’re enjoying my beautiful province…I’m quite fond of it myself! 🙂