Way back when I was researching Halifax, I came upon a site announcing the second annual Halifax Rib Fest.  I knew Tyler would just love it.


We took it slow all morning–the weather was still drizzly and damp.  Finally the time came to head (once again) for the airport to pick up Tyler whose arrival had been delayed due to work issues.  We got him and drove straight to the Halifax Waterfront.  It was great irony to find ourselves at a “Southern” event (complete with a pretty poor country rock band) here in Canada but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We tasted 1/2 rack from 5 or 6 different trucks–they were named perfectly, like Billy Bones and Silver Bullet.  We had problems with the ATM there which were finally resolved but it kept us from spending too much on fries or bread.  So it was strictly ribs and beer.  Every one preferred a different style.  Josh and I liked the spicy smokiest ones from the Texas Rangers best.  While we were driving there, the sun came out and it turned into a very warm (low 80’s) sunny day. We took a short walk on the harbor and could see all the way across.

Came home to hang outside on the deck.  Lots of laughs with Ken trying some fishing, Tyler lowering his legs into the freezing water, women rolling their eyes and Mavis keeping us all smiling.


Fun on the dock!



Auntie Kathryn and Baby niece


Dinner–lobster!  again!  Ken and Teresa didn’t eat at all except for the sweet potatoes we made.  They were just too full from Rib Fest.  Tyler made some delicious Basil Julep cocktails for dessert.  He had also bought at the supermarket “all dressed” potato chips.  I thought they were perfectly awful but to each his own.  This guy is into his junk food!

We worked on making a plan for Canada Day but who knows…

View of the house from the lake:IMG_1526house






The highly anticipated Rib Fest — 4 Comments

  1. Looks like a dream family vacation Jan. You have a beautiful family and the sweetest addition bundle in your darling grand daughter.Ba

  2. Humpty Dumpty “all dressed” chips?!? I secretly love those! I brought a bag home from Maine this year. Haha!

  3. Another regional Maine/Canada trash-food favorite is Mrs. Dunster’s chocolate donuts in a bag