While Josh, Teresa and Mavis made a too-long-for -me day trip to Prince Edward Island, the rest of us went to town to see the Public Gardens and wander.  We saw SO many flowers I couldn’t identify.  Maybe a poppy?  Maybe begonia?  Maybe dogwood?  Anyway It was in the bright midday sun so the photos are nothing special.









I took a bunch of pictures for Kathryn and Tyler to use for their engagement website but no previews allowed.

We wandered down Spring Garden street to the beautiful new public library.


Walking back toward the car Tyler spotted a Beer Garden which proved to be the perfect stop for us.  I had a fabulous Bulwark Raspberry Cider and Tyler had a stout with funny name I don’t remember: We also got a bunch of small plates of yummy stuff including a fried bologna sandwich, grilled corn and asparagus.


We came back home for a nice reading and rest time.  Kathryn and Tyler took a long nap on the dock.  Ken watched the soccer.

For dinner we just grazed around here because we had bought some Mrs. Dunster’s Chocolate nuggets.  OMG!  We ate way too many of these donut like treats and were’s very hungry for anything else.

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