We got a late start because it was Ken’s birthday and I went out to the bakery for breakfast treats which were fantastic!

First destination, the MOCO museum to see the Banksy/Warhol show.  If you don’t know Banksy, do yourself a favor and Google him.  We fell hard for him after seeing the HBO film about him and we both love his work.  Ken walked around the show with a smile and a chuckle most of the time.  I took it all much more seriously (that’s me) but thoroughly enjoyed the images and the audio tour.  Although I am generally opposed to people taking photos in museums, (don’t get me started about the people at the Van Gogh crowding in front with their phones, snapping away but not really even looking at the paintings!) I was alone for a moment in the room with the big SWAT truck which Banksy decorated and I took this shot:

img_1949Here’s a picture of the restored, elegant home which houses this small museum:

img_1955 MOCO means modern and contemporary which is not at all what this building looks like.

Outside you can do this: Those red letters are Banksy’s “signature.”


We had only loose plans for the rest of the day and when we saw the crafts and food market just outside of the museums we decided to check it out.  There were lots of food trucks and genuine artists and crafters.  I could have bought 10 wool scarves and 15 dresses/shirts/leggings for Mavis but I just don’t want to load my suitcase…yet.  I did taste some oysters; one from France and one Dutch which I preferred


Part of the market

Part of the market

It was a picture perfect day weather wise, really feels like fall is in the air.

Afterwards, we walked a while through the Vondelpark, a 25 acre green space nearby.  It was fun watching people play and relax.  We did too.

For dinner, I snagged us a reservation at Jun, an Indonesian place about a 10 minute walk from here. The food was great but not mind blowing–to me it tasted like Thai food.  I don’t think I’m sophisticated enough in Asian food to tell the difference.  We loved the small (12 tables) simply decorated restaurant and the servers who were very friendly.   We ate a bunch of different things on the “rice table” menu. The soup and the prawns with a greenish sauce were my favorites.

Happy Birthday Ken!  We were able to FaceTime with the kids and that was a treat, too.



Banksy! — 4 Comments

  1. Happy Birthday, Kenny! It sounds like a very exotic birthday to those of us still mired in the swamp. You will be so cultured, when you return!

  2. What a lovely day! The riistoffel was one of our favorites in Amsterdam. We went to a small ne, and a very lavish ne. I think our level of food sophistication is much higher now than it was in those days but our digestive tracts are more, shall I say, persnickety so I do not know how we’do.
    I get the buy now or wait to load up dilemma. Martin hates to schlep, but I have also waited because of that and never found anything as nice again.
    Really enjoying your photos, foods and adventures.

  3. Happy birthday to Ken! Just getting caught up on your posts…what a wonderful start to your trip! I’m enjoying this glimpse of Amsterdam through your eyes. The van Gogh exhibit sounds especially fascinating, love his art. (And now I must go listen to the Starry starry night song!)

  4. Happy birthday to my brother or the closest thing to it. I love you very much and love the image of you chuckling your way through the exhibit.