OK, I admit it.  It was a very lazy day for me.

We went out kind of early for coffee because Ken had to work again.  It was interesting to see what was open and what was closed.  Everything is certainly quieter here on Sunday

The Pasta Fresca place was open.  It’s cool to see the women through the window hand rolling the dough. These are tortellini, also known as dinner!


We walked through town and found an open bar and had our morning fortifications.  Then went to “our” bakery for some nice fresh bread and a walk through a small produce market nearby.

Then we came home for Ken to get on his project.  I decided to just relax and read.  (Ruth, I am reading Daniel Silva’s The English Girl.)  And so I did.  Did a bit of yoga, but for the most part just stayed in bed all morning.

Made us a beautiful omelette for lunch and finally we went out.

And this made me think of Kathryn and Tyler.

And this made me think of Kathryn and Tyler.

We walked through a market area.

This made me think of Teresa, my daughter in law.

This made me think of Teresa, my daughter in law.










We walked to Porta San Biagio.  There are 3 gates to Lecce and we had already seen the other two.

Porta San Biagio

Porta San Biagio


There was one more church, San Matteo, I really want to see because of the interesting facade.  See how the bottom is convex and the top is concave?img_2148

It was beautiful in person, too. But all the churches were closed this Sunday afternoon.








We wandered over to the Piazza Duomo, one more time and just sat on some steps and looked at it, seeing many things I had not noticed before.  I love the bell tower because you can see it from a distance and know it is Lecce.img_2152

The sky was so blue!  We have absolutely perfect weather.  Finding our was home was much easier than before because we are really getting our bearings here.  No need for a map at all today.

Came home and made the tortellini and they were really delicious, with some local olive oil, onions and little zucchini.

Really a lazy day!




Just Hangin’ — 3 Comments

  1. I’m following along, living vicariously everyday. What a wonderful time. Do you know what Astoria means?

  2. Sounds like a lovely day. There used to be a wonderful pasta Fresca place in Dorsoduro, but it has been gone for ages. The three old woman who made were so tiny and frail and wrinkled they looked as though they had been made from pasta Fresca themselves.
    Loved all the churches – even just the outsides. For us Chioggia is the city of closed churches, and it was not a Sunday.
    That blue sky is just dazzling.