So excited today because our dear friends from Tallahassee, Anthony (Antonio) and Lyn arrived on the train in the afternoon.

We had planned to go out early and walk the walls, but it was drizzling early.  By 10:30 it was really raining, so we just stayed in and took it easy.  When there was a break in the clouds we set out for the other side of Lucca, the San Frediano area and the Amphitheater.  It was a nice walk, but the weather was yucky so I didn’t take any photos except this one of the Sand Frediano mosaic facade of the church:

img_2643 We got a few food supplies including a trip back to the gastronomia, Baldacini,  on Via Mordini and Forno Casale.  They were just about to close (at 1:15) and there were about 5 customers in front of us–all waiting for the last focaccia of the day.  Finally the woman brought it out of the back, burning her fingers on the way. It was the thin kind that I like best. OMG!  Digging into that still warm, salty, crispy bread when we got home!  I don’t know the word for the satisfaction of eating it with some nice ham.  Yum just doesn’t cut it.

Our friends’ train was to arrive at 3:30 and the Vodafone store is near the station so we went over there but it was closed.  Had a coffee in a bar in between and waited for their train.

It was so exciting to see them come off their train!  Lots of hugging and a taxi ride to their apartment.  We talked for a while. Lyn went to take a nap and Antonio went to do some shopping.  Walking down the street here in Lucca with him is just a big YES! img_0771 We had talked and planned and planned and talked about meeting in Italy and now they are finally here!  The dream realized.

We passed by Puccini on our way home from their apartment and I bought a small, red cyclamen plant on the street.


We went home for a short rest, and headed back to their apartment with the rest of the focaccia and other bread and a big pot of barley stew I’d prepared for their first night in Lucca.  They were certainly ready for a “healthy” meal although we lowered the bar with so much bread a couple bottles of wine.

Walking home was great.  We are “off map” and increasingly appreciating and enjoying Lucca.



A Dream Realized — 2 Comments

  1. How lovely to share this time with dear friends. I think you have such a talent for writing. I feel as though I could be reading a most interesting novel. Your writing is vivid and alive. Thanks again Jan.

  2. Wonderful traveling with you vicariously so it must be a blast to do it in real life. Hope the weather improves, but you seem to have fun no matter what.