The sky was overcast and drippy, but it was Rosanne’s last day in Lucca so we had to get out and “do”.   I barely took any photos.  I’m getting lazy, I think.

First stop, the archeological site under the San Giovanni church.  There are ruins there starting from the first century BC and moving forward.  I took this shot of the ancient doodles/graffiti.

img_2861Rosi had seen an art gallery so we popped in there and I loved it.  In the evenings they use the space as a restaurant so there are about 5 or 6 tables set around the art.  I loved walking into the bathroom.

See me in the mirror?

See me in the mirror?

The LuCCa, contemporary art museum is having a show called “Great Photos on Set”  so kind of back stage shots of stars like Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and John Wayne.  It was a fairly small show, mostly black and white, on 2 floors, but we almost had the place to ourselves so that was nice.  We could sit and talk on the large ottomans in the midst of these great works.  This one is for Tyler: (Kathryn be sure to show him)

Charlie Chaplin doing his make up

Charlie Chaplin doing his make up

We went to lunch just down’t the block, at Ammodonostro. We shard an antipasto platter of prosciutto from Montalcino, some cheese and bruschetta with lardo.   I had the Lucchese Soup which was a pureed bean soup with farro in it.  It hit the spot on this cold rainy day.  Anthony and Lyn met us there and we were able to just hang out and avoid the rain for a while.  After lunch we went to do grocery shopping but everything was closed except Conad so we went in there.

Came home for a good rest.  Our friends came over for dinner.  I made, far from my best ever, Amatriciana sauce and Rosi picked up some nice fresh pasta.  Anthony and Lyn brought some nice local wines and we had a little party.  This apartment has quickly become our temporary home.

Planning to go to Florence tomorrow with Rosi, so we bravely bought the train tickets online.  It took almost an hour to get the email confirmations and I was worried but it all worked.

Poor Anthony left his phone here and had to walk back, late at night, in the rain, to get it.


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  1. Love having an uncrowded gallery for any mostra. Great bathroom photo! I used to take bathroom photos all the time – not sure if is me or the bathrooms.