Sorry, Kathryn,for stealing your title.

This was the day that the last piece of our friend puzzle would fall into place.  Rosanne arrived on the afternoon train.

For the morning, we did laundry waiting for Anthony to find his way over in his first solo outing.  Like us, he got a bit lost and overshot our apartment by a few blocks,  blamed Kenny for his mishap, and hung out for a bit until it was time for Lyn to get up after some much needed sleep.  We walked Anthony back home, picked up a few little things we needed, and headed to the train station to meet Rosi.  How exciting!  We are finally five!

We “helped” (there was really nothing to do) Rosanne check into her B&B which is a short block away from us, on the same street, and she came to our place for a little lunch.

We all met in front of the duomo and got this great shot:img_2658-1

The duomo visit was beautiful.  I especially liked the ceiling and llaria’s tomb, from the early 1400’s, with a marble sculpture of her, sleeping and her dog.  img_2659



img_2661We walked over to our favorite wine store which I finally discovered, is called Vineria Dolce Vita.  I was happy to introduce everyone to Ricardo.

img_2666Anthony and Lyn came here and we all sat around on our devices, mostly trying to figure out how to communicate with all of our different configurations.; trying to make What’s App work.

Rosi, Ken and I went for a good afternoon walk, about half way around the walls and back through town.  We passed by a small medieval festival complete with flag throwing, dancing and costumed localsimg_2692

Rosi took this shot of Ken and me, up on the walls:

img_2701We all met again for dinner at Da Giglio.  Ken had the best meal–chicken liver pate and “tortelli Lucchesi”  which are large, meat filled ravioli with a meat ragu.  Rose and I shared a pasta with porcini and a super tender veal cheek with mashed potatoes. The room was very fancy with white table cloths and a huge crystal chandelier, but it was very noisy.

We went back up to A&L’s place, debriefed the meal, and then walked home.

Rosanne has been my walking partner at home for at least 25 years.  And here we are, walking the streets of Lucca together.  Yep, I’m happy.



Reunited and it Feels so Good! — 4 Comments

  1. What a great time in store for all! Love that pic of you and Ken. You two get the cutest couple award.

  2. So happy you’re getting to do this with your very close and dear friends. Looks like so much fun and exactly what I had hoped your trip to be. Looking forward to talking to you later. I love you.

  3. Great photos! I am sure you will have a fantastic time. We always loved it when friends came to stay or just to ” tour” with us. You stumble across some wonderful sights.