Our apartment is basically right on the port.  We wanted to explore a bit more of the town this morning.  Included in the rent is an Italian breakfast at a little bar just around the corner.  It is called “Comfort Coffee”.  So we had our coffees and brioche/croissants/cornetti  there and set out walking.  Ken had his sights set on the big jetty which protects the harbor and I wanted to visit the Duomo which dominate the views from the port.  We walked through the part of the harbor where the fishing boats dock, where men are selling their fish and rigging their huge nets.img_2373img_2370


















Further on down were some fishing with poles.


We continued to see lots of locals setting up for sun bathing (they are really brown, Coppertone city!) and socializing on the huge rocks.  I couldn’t resist shooting these two at a comfortable distance.



At the end of the spit of rocks is this cute little light house:


We came around the back of the bright duomo.

from the back

from the back

At the front, we went downstairs into the crypt first but there was a French tour group in there so we didn’t stay long.  When we heard the organ playing above we went out as quickly as we could to catch another beautiful wedding.


Their honeymoon car, parked in front of the church was a cream colored VW convertible with a big white bow on it.  Very cute!

We didn’t want to crash the wedding so we walked on.  We were checking out restaurants, shopping places and looking for a Lavanderia/laundromat.

So, in our customary fashion, we walked and walked.  We found a nice looking butcher/salumeria with some prepared food.  (Everything will be closed on Sunday, so we need to prepare if we don’t want to have to eat at the pricey restaurants)  I spied this great looking baked pasta casserole, but it was already sold.  There was baked chicken with potatoes, but I asked if there were any vegetables.  The counterman got their cook out of the kitchen and she offered to make us an eggplant dish we could pick up two hours later.  So sweet!

Lunch was very cool!  Osteria Frangipane is a find dining place, which is not Ken’s preference but we went for it.  They use all local ingredients, from either Puglia or Basilicata.  We started with a warm squid salad with grated local black truffles (not much flavor) and candied celery.  For a pasta course Ken had long fusilli with mussels and zucchini in a very light saffron cream.  And I had a rigatoni with eggplant foam and shrimp. I loved both pasta dishes but Ken thought it was a bit “frou frou”.

We had a nice afternoon rest and went out again, needing a few more things.  I found a big health food store and the people were so friendly.  We had to look around for a panificio for fresh bread but found it, finally.

Dinner was various cured meats, arugula and the bread. We drank the Aglianico and had to force ourselves to save half of it for the next night.



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  1. The Trani are has some marvelous Romanesque churches, I regret not getting up there when we were in Puglia. Those carvings at the Duomo looks beautiful!

  2. Loved the harbor photos and the cute little light house. Duomo looked impressive in

    With that unusually stark exterior. Do you like having the breakfast bar included? Seems convenient as long as the espresso and breakfast pastries measure up.