This was a pretty low key day.  It was the first one that something special wasn’t happening here in Trani and we got a feel for the everyday life.

Mostly, we just walked the streets. Coming around the corner we had a great view of the duomo.

the bell tower

the bell tower

I think we have been on just about every street in the “old town” and I’m starting to get a feel for the small neighborhoods.

At the fruit market I bought one of these, barattini.


I asked an older man what they were because I thought they were some kind of melon but they are much more like cucumber.  There were also some called caroselli, which looked more like cucumbers but a bit hairy.

We returned to the gastronomia Canaletti to get stuff for dinner.  The were so very friendly and we actually met Signor Canaletti.  Our booty looked so good and it was all warm, we decided to eat it for lunch. We saved the eggplant casserole for dinner though.img_2432







After a restful afternoon we went for another walk. The fishing boats were just coming in and it was fascinating to watch them unload and the local men (there are no women shoppers, at all) wait to see what they’ve got.  There was a lot of dialect being spoken so I couldn’t understand much.


The guy in the striped shirt is the seller. The rest are customers.


These were still hopping all over the place.

These were still hopping all over the place.

As we walked away we saw a man eating his just purchased squid, raw, out of the plastic bag–just like it was a bag of popcorn.  Ken was pretty grossed out because tentacles and slime were dangling from his mouth, but I smiled at him and asked “Buono?”  He replied “they’re fresh” and continued his munching and walking.







Looking for some more Aglianico but couldn’t find any so we bought a disappointing bottle of chilled Falanghina (at least it was only €6) which we drank up on the terrace with the last of our taralli and the beautiful sunset.


We’re a little Boring but not Bored — 2 Comments

  1. Lovely day – not boring at all I love fish markets, but it is interesting in Trani it is in the afternoon and not early morning as it is in Venezia. I live squid but do not think I could eat them out of he bag. Great photos.