We decided to try out the new Bio place (organic) for coffee.  We sat outside for a while but I was too chilly, so we moved inside.  Nice place.

A French tourist in front of the Bio shop

A French tourist in front of the Bio shop

The food looks good.  I bought a bit of simply cooked greens to take out.

From there we went to the butcher on Strada Nuova and got some sausage for dinner.  Our apartment didn’t have a serving spoon, so I went into a small housewares shop and bought one for €5.  Then over to the knife store to pick up my knife which they sharpened beautifully for €4. And to the bakery and to the Formaggio place and the fruit a vegetable stand.  A full morning of errands and shopping.  I’m perfectly content with it!

We had some lunch in the apartment and did laundry.  I started reading a Donna Leon book, “The Waters of Eternal Youth.”  Even though the consensus is that they’re not as good anymore, I so enjoy reading one while I am here, in Venice.

In the evening, I wanted to see if there was anything happening for Halloween.  I really miss the preschool with its fabulous parade and party for the kids.  Out on Strada Nuova were a few bunches of little kids in costumes.  img_3581They go around to the shops, not to homes, to trick or treat.  When we went into the Coop for a few things, the woman behind me in line had her witches hat on and I told her “Happy Halloween”–it turned out she was a shop owner buying last minute candy for the children.

We passed by this place several times before–it has a Biennale show but I hadn’t seen the red boxes lit up in the dark.  Pretty impressive.  Inside each box is a screen of video.


On the way home we passed this restaurant kitchen window.  The cook was in the spirit.img_3594img_3593











We came back and I cooked the sausage with peppers and onions and they were so good!  Best meal I’ve cooked on the trip so far.

So a low key day.  No regrets.


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