Rough day, trying to face the inevitable.  It’s over.  It was grand but it has to end.

We spent the morning packing and then went out in the cold (low 30’s) to run errands and walk a bit. The street from Porta Borsari is looking very festive.  Here is the porta:img_4874

Luisa and Luca met us for lunch at the San Matteo place which is cheap and very convenient for all of us.  The food not withstanding, it was a fabulous lunch.  We stayed there for a couple of hours talking.  My only regret is that we forgot to get a picture.

We went over to Piazza Erbe to get a little “Italia” shirt for Mavis, and then came home. Took one last photo:img_4880

Paolo came to say goodbye and walked us to the taxi stand to make sure there would be taxis there when we need to leave–at 5:45am.

We had made a reservation at Enoteca Segreta .  I had stressed a bit over where to go for our final night but, even though the food was not fantastic, we had had such and enjoyable time there we decided to return.  Like Ken said–“you can’t go home again.”  We had a different server and that gave us a pretty mediocre experience.  We did totally enjoy the platter of duck and goose salumi to start but the two pasta dishes we got next were just OK and the wine service was nothing like before.  Cross that one off.  At least I had a nice grappa from Trentino at the end.

Back home, we played cards, watched the last episode of Paranoid and that was it.


Final Day — 2 Comments

  1. Not one photo or description that I have not enjoyed!
    Thank you for all the sharing! Curious whre you go from here!

  2. Sorry your trip seems to be ending. I have really enjoyed shadowing you and see your photos. Last days. Are really osinful for me, and having to pack foes not help. Last meals can be rptrivky too. We have had some fab ones, and some disappointments, and some when the fab meal made it even harder to leave. If you are heading home I wish you safe travels and happy landings, thank you for sharing your amazing adventures.